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What Color Thread Should I Use For Quilting


What Color Thread Should I Use For Quilting

Quilting is a great pastime for many people. It is a hobby that is both interesting and useful. Many people started quilting as a hobby and went on to quilt on a commercial basis. It can help you to show your creative skills in the best manner. You can also use quilting to make gifts for your friends as everyone can use them.

Many elements of quilting need to be understood very well. There is fabric for both the top and the bottom. Then there is the batting material. But another important factor is the color of the thread that you use. Threads can be very clearly visible in quilts, and there are a lot of them. 

Hand Quilting Or Machine Quilting?

If you are already quilting, you will know that you can quilt with a sewing machine or by hand. Some machines have special features to allow you to quilt. The color of thread that you use will also differ depending on how you do your quilting. Quilting with a machine gives you the flexibility to use two colors in the bottom and top to add variety. However, you should be very careful that the two colors don’t clash.

Take A Good Length Of The Thread

When you are trying to see how the thread looks against the fabric, you must not hold the spool to the fabric. The colors of the thread look much more vibrant when they are wound on the spool. If you want to see how the thread will look on the fabric, you must unravel a good length of the thread and lay it on the fabric.

You can unravel a few spools of colors that you think will match and see how each of them look on the fabric. What you need is a color that will look the same on all the different pieces of fabric that you are using.

Choosing Thread That Is Less Visible

It is not just the color of the thread that matters. You must also check the sheen of the thread. For this too, you must pull out a good length lay it on the quilt top. Some threads have more sheen than others. These will be more vividly visible on the quilt. Even threads of the same color with sheen will appear different for those without the sheen.

For the traditional quilt, people prefer a thread that has a matt finish as it will be less visible. You must decide whether you want the thread to be completely invisible or show a little and select the type of thread that you want. The choice will depend on the colors you use for the quilt and what you are using the quilt for.

Different Values For Different Effects

Choosing colors is one thing, and choosing different values is another thing. A value of a color is its darkness or lightness. A high-value color will be the darker shade of the color, while a low-value color will be the lighter shade. If you want your quilting to show up while not spoiling the beauty of the piecing, then you must select colors of the same value.

If you have a medium color fabric, you must choose a medium color for the thread. It can be a matching color that will still show up. But if you want people to see the design very clearly, then you must choose a different value. For a medium color fabric, you can use very dark color fabric to show your designs clearly.

The Use Of Neutral Colors For Quilting

Many people like to use bold colors on their quilts because they tend to show the designs very boldly. But the use of neutral colors can be very good too. Neutral colors don’t just come in shades of black, grey, or blue. They are available in various colors like red, green, yellow, purple, etc.

The advantage of using neutral colors is that they merge with all the fabric colors. They will not suppress the beauty of the fabrics. When you don’t want the design to be very obviously visible, you can use neutral threads to ensure that your fabric color and patterns show up well.

Using neutral colors is especially good in machine quilting. Sometimes the tensions of both the threads may not be set perfectly. In such cases, the bobbin thread can pull through and become visible very obviously. This can take the focus away from the beauty of the fabric. In such, using a neutral thread is very good as it won’t affect the appearance of the quilt even if it shows up.

Know The Benefits Of Invisible Threads

Are you confused about what color to use? Are you afraid that your small mistakes when you stitch around appliques? In such cases, the best choice will be the invisible threads. They are monofilament threads that come in both nylon and polyester.

This is excellent when you don’t want any attention on the stitching. These threads are usually very thin. There are many restrictions for using these threads, and so you must know fully about them before using these threads.

Variegated Threads Are Best For Multicolored Quilts

When there are too many colors in a quilt, it is best to use variegated threads. You can have them in different colors. The thread will start from light color and move to dark color. They can add a lot of depth to your work.

When you use variegated thread in a machine, you must make sure that the dark portion of your bobbin thread doesn’t run over the light shade of the top thread. You can pull the bobbin thread enough to match the top thread.


While everyone can advise you on what color you should use for your quilting, it all depends on what you feel most comfortable with. There are no good or bad colors when it comes to quilting. It will all depend on what you are quilting and for whom you are quilting.

Choosing a color is very important when there is a very attractive design, and you want it to show up. You can choose bold colors to make the design dominant. Ultimately the thing is that you must be comfortable with the color of thread that you use. 

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