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Who Am I?

I am Shanta Roy, a well-known tailor and an expert in matters to do with sewing machines. With over a 5-year experience at this, I decided to build this blog so as to share the knowledge and skills that I have with those who have the same interest and passion for sewing.

My Mission

Shanta Roy, Chief Editor

To keep you up to date with the latest trends in the world of sewing, including the best sewing machines, threads as well as other vital accessories to the sewing process.

With this information, we intend to guide you to buy the best products that are suitable for your sewing needs so that you can dive deep into this craft when fully equipped in the best way possible.

About the Website

At sewingmachinegallery.com, the team works hard to ensure that we get you all the relevant information regarding sewing machines and their accessories so that you can worry less about what to buy and worry more about the next project that you are going to work on.


As a team, the trust that we build with our readers is purely based on the factual information that we give them. Our product review content is always based on accurate descriptions of the items and gives you the good side and the bad side so that you get to make informed decisions before buying anything.

How it Works

To understand how we constantly give you up-to-date information on the latest products at sewingmachinegallery.com, you need to know how we integrate our values into our work. This is explained below.

  • This website is a part of the Amazon associates’ program, which means that we only deal with products that are found on amazon.com. To identify the specific products, we base our selection on a number of things such as popularity, Amazon product ratings, quality, and even the brand.
  • Once the best products have been identified, the reviews are written by our writers after carrying out thorough research from online sources as well as actual product use. This ensures that the content you get is true and firsthand, containing a very spot-on description of the features of the product and the benefits that it has.
  • Furthermore, the team is always searching for any upcoming or new products in the sewing world that are creating a buzz so that we can feature such items for you as soon as possible.

The Goal

The purpose of doing all this work is to assist you to do a good comparison between the sewing products that are considered the best. This gives you an easier time selecting the specific items that work for you.

The Future

Part of our goal is to always stay ahead of the game for as long as possible. This means that we are not comfortable where we are and thus, we are constantly looking for ways to become better as a one-stop-shop for matters to do with sewing machines, sewing machine accessories, and even clothing.

Following the feedback that we get from our readers, we strive to direct our changes and improvements based on these so that we can tailor the content to reach the readers in the best way possible.

Shanta Roy
Chief Editor, Sewing Machine Gallery

Roy Shanta

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