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5 Best Sewing Machines Under $500, Updated in 2024

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Best Sewing Machines Under $500
Credit: Shanta Roy

sewingmachinegallery.com analyzes and compares the top Sewing Machine Under $500. You can easily compare and choose the best sewing machines for you.

Many fashion hobbyists buy their own sewing machines for several benefits. These machines make fixing torn clothes quite easy.

Operating is relaxing and not difficult at all. The owners can create new outfits according to their preferences. Some also like to redesign the old ones.

They save plenty of bucks by not going to tailors or not buying expensive store clothes.

When people want to purchase anything, the first thing they think about is the price tag. The majority of buyers seek effective yet affordable products.

So, sewing machine companies launch a variety of models to target different economic classes. We can even find the Best Sewing Machine Under $500.

Let’s dive into our top seven good-quality, multi-functional, and mid-range sewing machine recommendations: 

Best Sewing Machines Under $500 – (Editors’ Top Picks)

Necchi Q132A

Features At A Glance:

  • 22 built-in stitches, automatic one-step buttonhole 
  • Quickly accessible front-loading bobbin
  • Customizable stitch length and width
  • Convenient stitch selection dials
  • Free arm sewing capability
  • Sufficient accessories
Why We Love It? If you are handling a big project, use the given extension table. It is large enough to take free-motion sewing actions. Meanwhile, the metal bed plate feeds the garment smoothly without damage.

Product information:

Brand Name Necchi
Stitch Count 32
Stitches Per Minute 1000
Max Stitch Width 6mm
Max Stitch Length 4mm
Needle Threader Automatic
Included Presser Feet 5

Product Description:

It has a solid structure and design. A powerful motor makes it even stronger. It has a direct impact on reduced sewing time. You will be surprised to know that it can achieve a maximum of 1,000 stitches in 60 seconds. Preparing a high quantity of fashionable clothes will be a matter of a few days.

Next, we want to discuss more satisfying user control options. It presents many levels for adjusting presser foot pressure. Needle positions are also changeable as per our wish. Now come to the stitch options. 32 utility plus decorative forms will be there. Sewers will get full control of the stitch length and width.

We are glad to see a horizontal drop-in bobbin in the machine. It never compromises the stitch quality. Threading is also much more comfortable than the front-loading versions.

Just like most other high-quality models, it has an automatic needle threader for quick threading. Other mention-worthy features are a free arm, accessories, drop feed, and a bobbin thread cutter.

Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

Features At A Glance:

  • A straightforward needle threading system
  • Free arm for convenient sleeves sewing
  • Computerized pattern selection
  • Various sewing styles
  • Automatic drop feed
  • Bright workspace
Why We Love It? This sewing machine is suitable for new sewists. It lets them express their creativity well. Note that it does not carry many stitches but only the key ones.

Product information:

Brand Name SINGER
Stitch Count 6
Thread Tension Automatic
Stitches Per Minute 750
Max Stitch Width 5mm
Thread Cutter Manual
Included Presser Feet 3
Needle Threader Manual

Product Description:

Everyone wants long-lasting sewing tools. It is not possible unless the model has a strong internal skeleton. For this season, the manufacturers utilize a metal frame to set each mechanism in the right alignment. The results are a long lifespan and skip-free sewing.

We are allowed to pick from straight, zigzag, satin, scallop, blind hem, and four-step buttonhole settings using a stitch dial.

Straight stitches are one of the most desirable qualities of a sewing unit. The machine implements automatic tension control mechanisms to get them. No wonder the stitch quality stays the same for all fabrics. It features a high-presser foot lifter that results in smooth sewing; the thickness of the fabric and volume does not matter.

Not all companies support twin-needle sewing. Fortunately, this Singer unit does. Thanks to the dual vertical spool pins. If you ever have to make cuffs, collars, and hard-to-reach areas, bring the free arm out. You can remove it later.

Encore 260A Sewing Machine

Features At A Glance:

  • Sufficient utility and decorative stitch choices
  • Adjustable needle placements and pressure
  • Tons of included accessories
  • Integrated needle threader
  • 1000 SPM sewing speed
  • Drop-in bobbin 
Why We Love It? An LCD screen displays all control options. You will see the settings clearly and choose the wanted ones. If you have any confusion, check the instructional book. It is informative and has everything you need to know.

Product information:

Brand Name Encore
Stitch Count 200
Max Stitch Width 7mm
Max Stitch Length 4.5mm
Thread Cutter Built-in
Included Presser Feet
Needle Threader Automatic

Product Description:

Finding over 150 stitches in a mid-range sewing machine is rare. But our last favorite gives 200 different stitches, including styles, letters, numbers, and punctuation. Again, we can increase the length up to 4.5mm and the width up to 7mm. It gives eight buttonhole stitches to lock the edges of a buttonhole.

Automatic needle up and down motions and threaders in our machine are blessings. Guess what? This tool has both of them. That’s why finishing a big project does not require much time. Other great features are a reverse sewing button, automatic winding, a drop-in bobbin, and a drop feed system.

It comes with all required essentials such as foot pedals, installation tools (power cord, small screwdriver, big screwdriver, thread spool lid), and necessities (needles, bobbins). The zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, straight stitch foot, button foot, and blind stitch foot will take on different tasks. They hold the garment flat while feeding under the needle.

Brother CS5055 60 Stitch

Features At A Glance:

  • Easy selection from 6 built-in stitches
  • Double-needle sewing approvement
  • Printed threading diagrams
  • Sturdy internal metal frame
  • Automatic tension control 
  • Convertible free arm 
Why We Love It? The best property is undoubtedly the jam-resistant drop-in bobbin. It helps to generate accurate stitches and is easy to use.

Product information:

Brand Name Brother
Stitch Count 60
Stitches Per Minute 750
Max Stitch Width 7mm
Max Stitch Length 5mm
Needle Threader Automatic
Included Presser Feet 7

Product Description:

Brother is a popular name for sewing machines. Choosing the right Brother model will never let you down. Let’s see what’s in the CS5055. We love its exceptional feed system. It maintains flawless sewing on both thin and thick garments. Nobody will face trouble sewing denim and tweed. For preparing sleeves, cuffs, and other cylindrical shapes, it carries a free arm.

It features A total of 60 decorative, quilting, and heirloom designs. Among them, One-step auto-size buttonholes are available in seven styles. Such diversity is enough for all projects. Start from the fundamental ones and try the decorative stitches later. Adjust the length and width if necessary. These choices will appear on a bright LCD monitor.

Plus, A fixed bar confirms even stitches by keeping the needle in its place. It won’t shift anywhere during working. Still, don’t forget to observe the stitches under the super bright LED light.

A modern needle threading system is part of the machine. It makes threading easy and saves time. The device has another time-saver segment- a fast bobbin winding system. It finishes winding faster than we expected.

Juki MO-654DE

Features At A Glance:

  • Compatible with free-motion techniques
  • High-capacity front-loading bobbin
  • Lightweight, portable design 
  • Stitch length adjustability
  • 15 unique stitch styles
  • Efficient thread cutter
Why We Love It? The machine offers optimum lighting for a better view. It enables us to keep our eyes on the stitches, adjustments, fabric, and needle areas.

Product information:

Brand Name JUKI
Stitches Per Minute 1,500
Number of Threads 4
Number of Needles 2
Adjustable Stitch Length 1-4mm
Thread Tension Manual
Included Presser Feet 1

Product Description:

It is a versatile 2/3/4 thread serger with rolled hemming. We can do almost every famous overlock or flatlock variation. Its innovative knife system ensures consistent cutting for all fabrics. Hence, we can design both light and heavy clothes. An associated dial controls the cutting width and delivers the best seams, and edges.

We can’t describe how easy looper threading is. The threader disengages in no time. All the users have to do is slide their thread into the right slot. Threading the color-coded guides is also effortless. The ways are so clearly marked that anyone will understand the direction.

Feel free to change the thread tension when we need it. No matter how fast users are sewing, the guides will maintain their desired pressure. They can also set the stitch length using the adjustment dial.

Moreover, the multifunction presser foot assists in tackling different tasks quickly. We will be able to create overlock stitches, add additional decorations, and so on. Once the work is complete, we can replace it with specialty feet.

Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine

Features At A Glance:

  • Numerous stitch patterns, letters, numbers 
  • Variable stitch length and stitch width
  • LCD backlight display
  • 8 buttonhole stitches
  • Drop feed system
Why We Love It? We really appreciate the portable design. Its lightweight construction seems suitable for traveling.

Product information:

Brand Name Baby Lock
Stitch Count 15
Thread Tension Manual
Max Stitch Length 4mm
Included Presser Feet 4
Thread Cutter Built-in

Product Description:

It is one of the most pocket-friendly Baby Lock products, but it does not sacrifice functionality. There are 15 unique stitches. Set your desired pattern before starting. It also gives opportunities to change stitch length from 0 to 4mm. Buyers who are interested in simple crafts can not find a better sewing machine than it.

Just grab the tool by the handle, and you are all set to go. The bobbin is front-loading and carries plenty of thread. You will hardly run out of yarn in the middle of projects.

It also includes free arm technology. We have to replace the flatbed with the free arm first. Nothing will make sleeve sewing simpler. The same goes for the buttonhole. All sides will be stitched out in the proper dimension.

Customers will receive a good number of accessories as part of the deal. They will see Four snap-on feet, a buttonhole, a zipper, and a darning plate inside the box. Adding the darning plate will provide continuous, uninterrupted fabric feeding. Aside from these, it will cover three bobbins, a needle package, and setup tools.

Why We Love It? A few users experience occasional non-precise stitches with this machine, though. So, we think that a drop-in bobbin would boost its service.

Product information:

Brand Name Janome
Stitch Count 22
Thread Tension Manual
Max Stitch Width 5mm
Max Stitch Length 4mm
Included Presser Feet 7
Needle Threader Built-in
Batteries Required?

Product Description:

When we are talking about sewing tools, we can’t neglect the Janome brand. Thankfully, the authorities launched this fantastic machine at a reasonable rate. It is a mechanical device having uncountable impressive features. Overall, the internal and external designs are heavy-duty yet lightweight. Newbies can easily bring them to the classes.

Threading seems an irritating task for most of us. Buying this machine will help us in this case. It features a needle threader, which pushes the thread through the needle’s eye perfectly. Besides, the sewer will get manual control over thread tension. 

Create any project using the 22 stitches and the one-step buttonhole. A quickly-reachable dial is there to choose the stitch measurements. You can raise the length and width to 4mm and 5mm, respectively. As it offers free arm sewing, say goodbye to the struggle while making sleeves or pants.

These devices come with front-loading bobbins. Inserting the bobbin usually involves accessory compartment removal from the device’s front part. 

Factors to Consider While Buying a Sewing Machine Under $500

Factors to Consider While Buying a Sewing Machine Under $500These crucial factors play a vital role in determining a sewing machine’s performance:


Sewing projects vary from customer to customer. It can be either for personal or professional use.

Some stay happy with basic sewing, whereas the rest wants embroidery and quilting opportunities too. Hence, you should be clear about your motives first.

Yes, all units can sew, but multiple models operate better for specific jobs. Even a lot of high-quality devices can not handle every type of clothing.

Using thick or delicate garments will either damage the machine or the fabric. Only models with powerful motors can work with thick layers. Focus on every single detail of the product’s specifications and decide whether it will match your goal or not.

Mechanical or computerized

This debate has been ongoing since the invention of computerized versions. Machines in the former category become comfortable as you continue the sewing class. They are so simple that you can learn how to try something new in less time.

The elderly of our home may not be fond of technology. Mechanical machines are the best option to improve their sewing skills. Although computerized units are more expensive, you can still find them below $500.

They are getting popular for precise stitching, versatility, etc. Their automated attributes save time, offer greater ease and user control. To be honest, we can’t tell which one is better than the other. It is entirely the buyers’ decision.

Stitch patterns

It is a must to check the available stitch patterns in a machine. Even though you want a mid-range product, it should not be underperforming. Be sure to have as many stitch options as you wish. The more preset stitches your device has, the better performance it will give.

Luckily, hundreds of affordable machines include 50 to 100 stitch patterns or even more. Such stitching variety can cover all kinds of projects you want to work on. Contrarily, we saw many sewers using only the basic styles, including straight, buttonhole, zigzag, and blind hemstitches.

They hardly use other designs because they love to keep their projects simple. They do not need to care about how many stitches the machines have.

Stitch quality

What will we do with a hundred patterns when the stitches are uneven? Sometimes, our machines produce skipped or unorganized seams for some internal problems. But if they always act like that, you should stay away from them. The next quality we should care about is speed.

High-speed machines will finish our jobs way faster than hand-sewing or their ordinary counterparts. Sewing industries are full of reasonable products with 700 to 1000 SPM (stitches per minute) speed.


The functions of simple sewing machines are easy to learn. They are user-friendly too. Even beginners take less time to understand the working process. An important part of the design is the dimension. You have to determine how much space you have to place a sewing machine.

Of course, large appliances require more room than small ones. Try to maintain at least 3 ft of space around it. Remember, smaller models are not necessarily lightweight. They can be heavier than a larger sample.

If you won’t be carrying it outside, it is not a big deal. Go for lightweight designs to take your device to sewing classes or other places. Almost all ergonomic units have a firm handle for easy transportation.


Sewing tools can’t operate alone without essentials such as needles, bobbins, foot control, adjustable settings, cases, and many more attachments. They must have an instruction manual describing the product’s details, setup, and working methods.

Most brands attach them along with the machine. Then, buyers do not have to waste time finding compatible items. On the other hand, limited buyers do not look after the accessories because they already have them.

They might just want the main product to save cash. However, we never know if our owned items will go well with the new machine. Therefore, prioritize companies that deliver everything you will need in a complete suite. Pay more attention to the number of presser feet, large-size bobbins, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is slowing my machine's speed?

A machine’s speed appears to be slower than its regular speed for:

  • Jammed thread: Check the thread after removing the power cord from the socket. There should be no clogged thread inside the bobbin case. Thread your device all over if you encounter a jammed portion.
  • Lack of lubrication: Sewing tools usually require lubrication after a few days of use. Keep track of the working hours. If you have been using it for 25 to 30 hours or more, it is normal to slow down. Then, oil it wherever it needs to work flawlessly.
  • Dirty moving parts: Get rid of lint, dust, and other debris from the bobbin case, engine, and under the needle plate. A brush and vacuum may work wonders during cleaning.
  • Problematic electrical cord: Make sure to insert the plug and cord properly. Straighten the bent prongs with the help of a plier (if applicable).
  • Problematic foot control pedal: Perform manual pedal testing to see whether it is working well. Damaged or broken models will not give you satisfying results. Keep pedals always free from dirt.
2. Why does my machine make an excessive sound while sewing?

You will hear knocking noises from the machine because of jitters. Various reasons can be behind the loud sounds, such as:

  • Lack of cleaning or maintenance: Right away, turn off the device. Find out the dirty parts and clean them well. Lubricate different sections by applying appropriate oil.
  • Needle issues: The machine will make noises with inappropriate needles. Replace the existing needle with a different one. See how your device responds.
  • Lint buildups: They take place under the needle plate and bobbin segment. Use a brush to clean all dirt, including lint.
  • Wrapped yarn around the machine’s take-up lever: Always keep the shuttle clean to avoid it.
  • Loose screws: They not only cause noises but also may lead to accidents. Tighten the screws, which are responsible for shaking, and decreased functionalities.
3. What should I do when my machine stops in the middle of work?

It generally happens for continuous sewing at a low pace. The machine automatically switches off itself to prevent the motor’s overheating. In such cases, wait for half an hour and restart again.

4. When do needles break and bend?

Almost all sewers face it at least once. Prolonged uses and running over sharp items weaken the needle. It breaks by applying more pressure than its tolerance. Here are more factors that decrease the needle’s lifespan:

  • Pulling the fabric too much while sewing.
  • loose needle/ needle clamp screw/ presser foot
  • Misplaced needle into the bar.
  • Inappropriate needles for a project
  • Misplaced bobbin
  • Low-quality threads
  • Incorrect presser foot
  • Not softening thick fabrics before use
  • Sewing right next to zippers
5. How to fix frequent bobbin thread breaks?

Our first tip is to buy the correct bobbin. A thread can break for not inserting the bobbin correctly. So always place it entirely and make sure that the bobbin turns freely. It must hold the required amount of thread. Do not underfill or overfill it. More than 90 percent of full bobbins are accountable for thread breakage, jamming, snapping, etc. Never use damaged bobbin cases.  

6. How can I achieve excellent fabric feeding?

The following tricks will save you from most feeding problems:

  • Selection of the right foot
  • Lower the presser foot
  • The raised position of the feed dog
  • Even feed teeth
  • Stitch length should not be too short
  • Clean, firmly seated, and functional needle plate
  • Knotless thread
7. What are the consequences of not keeping the needle in the highest position?

You will never want to do so because it makes threading impossible. The needle threader will not work either.


Getting the Best Sewing Machine Under $500 is a troublesome process indeed. If you are one of them, do not worry about your limited budget. The rate does not always control the product’s quality. Focus on every single thing you desire.

List out your requirements by following our buying guide. You can include or exclude any feature as per preference. Consider investing in any options mentioned above. Despite costing under 500, their simple design and innovative features will blow your mind. It will be amazing if you get a match that can satisfy your demand. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it for sure. 

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