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Best Sewing Machine Under $150 of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Best Sewing Machine Under $150

If you’re looking to get into the world of sewing, you’re going to need a machine.

But not just any machine will do. You’ll want a reliable machine that can handle all sorts of projects, one that you can grow with as your skills improve and your needs change.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, it can be hard to find something that meets all these criteria without costing a fortune.

That’s why we put together 5 sewing machines here. Let’s find the best sewing machine under $150

Our Recommended Top 5 Picks:

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Best Overall
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Brother GX37
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SINGER | M1500
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At a glance: 5 sewing machines under $150

Before delving into the sewing machine, take a look at the table below.

It’s important to remember that when shopping for a low-cost sewing machine, you should look to see if it’s suitable for beginners. Because we typically seek low-cost machines for new sewers.

You should also consider which project it is best suited for.

As a result, the table will assist you in developing preliminary ideas about sewing machines.

Sewing machine Beginner-friendly Best for
Brother GX37 Yes Everyday sewing and quilting projects
SINGER | MX60 Yes Simple projects
SINGER | M1500 Yes Small project of craft and doll clothes
Janome Graceful Yes Beginning sewing and quick-fix projects
SINGER | M1000.662 Yes Small projects

Just knowing these things isn’t enough to help you choose the best sewing machine. I’ll go over the sewing machines in detail, describing their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

As a result, you can select an appropriate sewing machine. Let’s begin with a look at the first sewing machine.

1. Brother GX37

Brother Sewing Machine, GX37
Brother Sewing Machine, GX37

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Introducing the Brother GX37, a versatile sewing machine that is perfect for what you want to sew. The GX37 comes with 37 built-in stitches and an auto-size buttonhole to ensure that you never run out of ideas.

It also contains an automatic needle threader, which helps make sewing faster and easier so that you get your project done faster. The free arm of this machine makes it ideal for quilting projects, hemming pants, and more!

With the convenient drop-in bobbin, it’s easy to keep your thread neat and tidy for all those projects! This machine includes 6 built-in feet, so there is no need to purchase multiple attachments; ideal for home use or crafting on the go with ease!


  • 37 unique built-in stitches
  • An auto-size buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader perfectly pushes threads through the needle
  • Convenient, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin
  • For everyday sewing and quilting projects
  • For users from beginners to the advanced

Reasons to like it

  • Great machine for beginners
  • good machine for the price


  • It isn’t the quietest
  • LED light isn’t very bright

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2. SINGER | MX60

SINGER | MX60 Sewing Machine
SINGER | MX60 Sewing Machine

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Let the MX60 take you from basic to advanced sewing.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics or an intermediate looking to perfect your skills, the MX60 has all of the features needed to get the job done right.

Stitch up to 57 designs, including 16 decorative stitches and 30 alphanumeric characters.

This lightweight machine has a simple stitch selector for easy stitch selection and foot control for hands-free operation.


  • 57 different stitch application
  • Easy stitch selection with a dial
  • Pre-set stitch length and width
  • Lightweight and portable
  • LED lighting
  • Completely metal frame
  • Front-loading bobbin

Reasons to like it

  • Easy breezy to use
  • Quality machine, beautiful price


  • Reverse button doesn’t lock

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3. SINGER | M1500

SINGER | M1500 Sewing Machine
SINGER | M1500 Sewing Machine

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The SINGER M1500 is a simple, excellent beginner machine that makes sewing easy and fun.

It comes with 57 built-in stitches, 6 stitch functions, and 4 one-step buttonholes. It’s great for heirloom fashions, everyday decorations, and simple mending tasks at home.

The metal frame has a durable design for lasting use, with an automatic needle threader for convenience and easy threading. This package includes an accessories kit to make sewing a breeze from start to finish!


  • 57 different stitch application
  • 6 built-in stitches & a four-step button home
  • From loading bobbin and contain a darning plate
  • Dial for stitch selection
  • Lever for reverse stitching
  • Includes a free arm
  • Easy & time saving snap-on presser feet
  • Extra high presser foot

Reasons to like it

  • A metal-based workhorse
  • Easy to use


  • Loud operation

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4. Janome Graceful

Janome Graceful Gray Basic
Janome Graceful Gray Basic

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This portable and compact sewing machine are perfect for beginners, alterations, and sewing on the go. It has 11 built-in stitches, including straight, zigzag, and crescent, with two needle positions.

The free arm makes it easy to work on pants hems or sleeves, and the top drop-in bobbin with a clear cover makes threading a breeze.

The presser foot with finger guard protects little fingers while practicing their newfound stitch-making skills.

The Janome Graceful Gray Basic Easy-to-Use Portable Compact Sewing Machine for Beginners comes with an instruction manual so you can start sewing right away!


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Alterations and sewing on the go
  • 11 Built-In Stitches-straight, zigzag, crescent with two needle positions
  • Free arm & Easy reverse
  • Threading diagrams
  • East set up top Drop-In Bobbin with clear cover
  • Presser Foot with Finger Guard protects little fingers

Reasons to like it

  • On the go sewing machine
  • Gem for Quilters


  • Overhead lighting is not sufficient

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5. SINGER | M1000.662

SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine
SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine

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If you’re looking for a simple and portable mending machine that offers professional results, the M1000 is your sewing machine.

The Singer M1000 is a simple, portable sewing machine great for beginners and everyday mending. Stops with the needle at random positions choose from 32 essential stitch functions that are easy to learn and use on light to medium-weight fabrics.

Free arm sewing lets you sew shirt sleeves and pant legs, while a drop-in top bobbin keeps an eye on your thread supply. Give it a spin to discover all it can do!

With 28 built-in stitches, the M1000.662 is a simple and portable sewing machine that’s great for quick fixes and mending projects.


  • For everyday mending, choose from 32 essential stitch applications.
  • Free arm makes it ideal for sewing dress shirt cuffs and hems.
  • Insert and monitor your bobbin thread supply with ease.
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Insert and monitor bobbin thread supply
  • Mend T-Shirt Hems, sew lightweight to medium-weight fabrics & lightweight shirt cuffs

Reasons to like it

  • Good for basics
  • Sturdy and easy to handle


  • Stops with the needle at random positions

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Final remarks

Choosing the best sewing machine under $150 can be a daunting task, but the truth is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one that will suit your needs.

There are many low-end sewing machines out there, and they can be great for beginners who are just starting. Or for those who have no interest in sewing as an art form.

A low-end machine is perfect for simple projects like hemming pants and mending clothes. It’s also good for making smaller items like pillows or curtains.

You want a machine with enough features and functions. Also, you desire to buy a machine that will meet all your needs without costing too much money.

I hope this will help you to get a good machine.

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