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8 Best Circular Knitting Needles of 2024, According to Testing

Best Circular Knitting Needles

For some knitters, circular knitting needles are not just a useful tool for circular projects. They may also be a small secret to perfect and detailed flat designs.

If you are beginning to discover new ways to knit, you may notice that these famous “circular knitting needles” are an excellent option for circular knitting. But there are many other projects you can work with.

Stick with us, and you will learn many exciting things about these needles. From what sizes are for, to how to use them.

Additionally, we did a review on some of the best circular knitting needles for beginners, so it is to choose the needle that will best fit your needs.

Sounds good? Let’s jump right in!

What Are Circular Knitting Needles? 

If you are getting into knitting, there is a chance that you have heard the term “circular knitting needles”. At first, it may sound like a complicated needle, but in reality, it has been increasing its popularity because, with it, it’s easier to perform complex patterns.

They are two knitting needles joined together by a piece of cord or lace. These can be made out of wood, plastic or metal. The cable, on the other hand, is usually made of a single kind of elastic lace so that it can hold any stitch together.

Since most manufacturers know how important it is to have the right needle size for a project, they made sure that they have a wide variety of sizes to choose from. These sizes range from 3 to size 15, which gives knitters more than enough options.

Chords on the other size can vary from 16 to 40 inches long. You need to choose the length depending on what kind of pattern you are going to knit. Once you feel you have made the right decision, you can begin knitting a new project.

Our Best Circular Knitting Needle Picks

Before we begin without review, you should know that we decided to review each product depending on specific factors. Some of these factors are size, chord size, durability, and comfortability.

We decided on these specific factors since we found that these are the most useful, and they make a considerable difference between one needle and another. So, let’s begin the hunt for the perfect circular needle!

1. ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 16 inch (40cm) – (Best Brand Circular Knitting Needle)

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 16 inch (40cm) Stainless Steel Knitting Needle Size US 8 (5mm) 7016-8

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If you have knitted for a few months, you may have already heard of ChiaoGoo. When it comes to knitting equipment, this is one of the most popular brands on the market, and with a good reason. They always deliver the best products, and they make sure you have exactly what you need for any project.

The needles are designed with extra large tips, which can be perfect for those detailed and more complex patterns. Additionally, you can find this useful when you are trying to close the round when knitting a tube-like project.

Both the needles and the tips are made of stainless steel. This not only means that they are much more durable than you would think. Rather, this also indicates that they are less likely to bend if you are using a big thread.

The noticeable red cable is made out of many strands of steel that were covered in nylon. Each of these strands was carefully put together to form the iconic “Red Lace” this needle is widely known for. With a total length of 16 inches, you can work on those complex projects with ease.

But there is something you should know. There have been some users that report that the red lace comes apart from the needles if these are not handled correctly. This can become stressful after a while since it is not precisely one of the cheapest needles on the list. 

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 16 inch (40cm) Stainless Steel Knitting Needle customer review
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  • Stainless steel build makes them much more durable
  • Has more extended tips to work on detailed stitches easier


  • There is a chance that the lace may come off the needles

2. CHIAOGOO 40-Inch Red Lace Stainless Steel – (Best Circular Knitting Needles For Beginners)

CHIAOGOO 40-Inch Red Lace Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles, 8/5mm

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Next, we have another ChiaoGoo knitting needle. As you can imagine, we may be mentioning these needles a few times throughout the article. This is because these tend to be a few of the most popular needles among beginners for their durability and their versatility.

When compared to the past model, there are not many things different. The needle tips on this model are also larger than average. This is a great thing to have since it means that it will work as well on circular projects as it will on flat projects.

They are made of stainless steel, so you could rest easy since it will last for a long time. Because of this, these models are known to hold “bulky” yarns with ease. Just take into account that managing these threads with a needle-like this may cause some cramps.

The main difference between this model and the last one is the length of the lace or chord. The chord on this model has 40 inches in diameter, so it’s considerably bigger when compared to the first item on the list.

This model has the same problem as the last model. There is a chance that the cord comes out of the needles. You could try to fix this, but they will keep losing up no matter what.

CHIAOGOO 40-Inch Red Lace Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles customer review
Buyer Review


  • Made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that they will last for years to come
  • Reinforced and shorter lace can help you complete more projects in less time


  • The lace may come off from the needles. Although it is easy to fix this, it can become a tedious process.

3. Knitter’s Pride Basix Circular 40-inch (100cm) – (Best Circular Knitting Needles For Hats)

Knitter's Pride Basix Circular 40 inch (100cm) Knitting Needles Size US 15 (10.0mm) 400242

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So far, this is the first wooden needle on the list, and you may be impressed. The size of these needles is perfect for quilts or blankets. They are better used with heavier yarns, so you could use this specific set of knitting needles to expand your project types.

This specific model is best known for its lightweight. It is made from birch wood, which ensures that it will remain rigid even after a long time. Plus, the natural colour from the wood gives this knitting needles little extra oomph.

It is known to be a great tool since the yarn does not stick to the needle. This means that the thread itself will slide each time you make a different stitch, so you don’t have to push each stitch by hand. This allows you to work way faster than you would usually.

Next thing, the chord. The chord on this model is 40 inches long. This means that you could begin working on a big project, and your cord will begin to adjust accordingly to this quantity. This happens because the chord is more extended, so it distributes the weight of the yarn evenly.

Many users prefer this model over any other, but there are certain disadvantages. One of these disadvantages being that it would not feel the same thing if you ever drop it. Since, it is pretty easy to leave indentation marks and scuffs on it. 

Knitter's Pride Basix Circular 40 inch (100cm) Knitting Needles customer review
Buyer Review


  • It has great looks and weight
  • Perfect for heavy projects


  • You would feel the wood damaging over time

4. Vancens 18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set – (Best Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set, BetyBedy Circular Wooden Knitting Needles Sizes: 2mm - 10mm

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If you are looking out for the ideal knitting needle set to add to your collection, this may be the best choice. Its 18 different pairs are more than enough to start and finish a significant number of projects. Plus, you will find that these needles are easier to handle and work with because of the material.

Since they are made from the best kind of bamboo, they are smoother, and therefore the yarn will merely slide down without you even having to touch it.  Additionally, the shape of the bamboo needles is excellent to work on those detailed and specific patterns.

A thumb rest reduces the possibilities of getting joint pains while knitting, so you can knit for more extended periods of time.

Both newcomers and veterans can find a use for these since there is such a wide assortment of knitting needles included. Varying from 2mm to 10mm, you can find a method for any needle. Just be careful with them, since there is a chance that the cord detaches from the needles.

It is straightforward to reattach them, which means that you could primarily use any chord for any pair of needles. Since the chords are not interchangeable, we do not recommend this since you may end up with couples that don’t belong together.

Vancens 18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set customer review
Buyer Review


  • These needles are comfortable and light
  • They reduce the possibility of joint pains
  • A wide assortment of needles


  • The size number may fade after a while
  • The chord can easily be detached from the needles

5. Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular 36-Inch – (Best Circular knitting Needles For Blankets)

Clover 3016/36-6 Takumi Bamboo Circular 36-Inch Knitting Needles, Size 6

The next two items seem to be similar between them, but once we do a complete review of each one of them, you will understand which are the significant differences and how this affects their performance. Each of them has a different size of the chord and a different overall scale.

To begin with, Clover Takumi Bamboo Needles are known to be fancy and the creators of some of the best circular knitting needles for socks in the market. They made sure that the bamboo needles looked unique, so they could quickly catch possible customers’ attention.

And you know what, it worked. When you see one of these in a crafts store, you feel tempted. But it worked because they made sure that the good looks of the needle were complemented by a few unique features that made kitting a comfortable experience.

You can see this in the feel that they have. The needles are easy to handle since they are so lightweight, but they do not feel as firm as you would expect to form a bamboo needle. Over time, bamboo needles adjust to the user’s hands so this could become a great tool for the right hands.

Since it has a 36-inch cord, you could begin working on projects in a broader area.  Almost no reviews are stating that the chord goes out of this model, which makes this one of the best items on the list.

Clover 301636-6 Takumi Bamboo Circular 36-Inch Knitting Needles customer review
Buyer Review

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  • The needles look great, and they will catch anyone’s attention
  • So, lightweight, they don’t cause problems when knitting


  • They do not feel as firm as you would expect to form a bamboo needle

6. Clover 3016/16-08 Takumi Bamboo Circular 16-Inch – (Best Quality Circular Knitting Needles)

Clover 8 Takumi Circular 16" Size Bamboo Knitting Needle, Brown, Clear

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As we mentioned earlier, it may look as if this product is the same as the last one. In reality, both the size of the needle and the size of the thread is longer, making these needles ideal for another kind of projects.

The design is almost the same as the last item on the list, so at least in this aspect, they are pretty much the same. This item will most probably bend if it’s exposed to bulky yarn, but since it is a bit longer, it may need more weight to turn.

The turning point comes when you analyse the lengths of the chords. The lace on this model is much shorter, which allows you to work medium-sized tubular projects with ease.

It still keeps the light and comfortable complexion that comes with a bamboo needle. It also has the same texture that allows the yarn to flow smoothly through the needle. Knitting with bamboo needles has many different perks, and these needles have all of them.

There are almost no bad reviews on this circular needle. But there has been some user that don’t feel that they are firm enough for a bamboo needle. It all depends on which yarn you are using. The heavier the thread, the wider the needles should be.

Clover 8 Takumi Circular 16 Size Bamboo Knitting Needle customer review
Buyer Review


  • It is easy to handle, and anyone can find it comfortable to work with
  • Its smooth form allows the yarn to slide flawlessly through it


  • They can feel a bit weird if handled with bulky yarn

7. ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 60-inch (152cm) – (Best Fixed Circular Knitting Needles)

ChiaoGoo Circular Knitting Needle, Silver, Red, Size-US-10(6mm)

So far we have reviewed, another ChiaoGoo needles, but each one of them can be perfect for a different project depending on its attributes. A shorter lace is great for small projects, and a more considerable lace could be great for flat projects or projects that have a big roundup.

Again, we see the classic ChiaoGoo stainless-steel construction which makes these needles so reliable and durable. It is excellent for bulkier yarns since you will find out that these needles are a bit harder to bend. Before we continue, you should know that they may not be comfortable to use.

We can see that this model has a longer lace, actually the longest chord on the hole review (152cm). Because of that, this needle can also be used for flat projects without a problem, mostly because there are not many tubular projects that need a chord so long.

It is a popular model mostly because some complex patterns are much easier to complete thanks to this long chord.

It still keeps the same problem as most ChiaoGoo needles; the lace may come off the needles on some occasions. The good news is that since the lace is much longer, there are fewer chances of this happening.

ChiaoGoo Circular Knitting Needle, Silver customer review
Buyer Review


  • Made from stainless steel, so they are less likely to bend
  • Reinforced and longer lace is perfect for big projects


  • The lace may occasionally separate from the needles if they are used with a “bulky” yarn

8. cuteDIY Store 16-inch Circular Knitting Needles Set from Size 3 to 15 – (Best Fixed Circular Knitting Needles)

16 inch Circular Knitting Needles Set Knitting Kit Size 2 6 12

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Thanks to the large arrangement of needles included in this set, it is known to have the best circular knitting needles for socks or hats.

This set has 11 pairs of circular bamboo needles. Each needle has a different colour, so it is easier to identify each size. And if the coloured lace is not enough, each needle also has a mark. Just bear in mind that it may begin to fade after a while.

As the name says, the size varies from 3 to 15 (US Size). This means that you have a decent amount of options to choose from.

You may notice that the points are a bit different, and this is because they are semi-pointy tips, which can be pretty useful for some specific stitches. If you add this to the smooth surface of the needles, you get a great combination that may make certain patterns easier to complete.

You can rely on these needles since it is rare to see the chord detached from them. These cords are made of plastic, which gives out a potent odour. But after using them a few times, the scent will fade.

cuteDIY Store 16-inch Circular Knitting Needles Set from Size 3 to 15 customer review
Buyer Review


  • It includes many different sizes that you may use for a significant number of projects
  • The chord is less likely to come off the needles


  • The chord gives out a potent plastic odour
five key points to consider when buying circular knitting needles
Credit: Shanta Roy

How To Use Circular Knitting Needles For Beginners?

For starters, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to start the project, including the right size of the needle. With most yarn, you can find the ideal knitting needle size by looking at the label, but you also have to consider which pattern you are going to work with.

Once you are sure that you have all the necessary tools, you can begin knitting the new project. But before that, we have a little tip for you. There will be a point in which it may be difficult to distinguish where the next knitting round will start. In this case, you could add an extra piece of yarn to the start, so it’s more comfortable.

Step 1

First, hold the tips of the needles as if you were holding a straight knitting needle. Now, tie a bit of yarn to the left side needle, where you will begin knitting.

Step 2

Keep knitting the yarn, as usual, trying to follow the specific pattern you are going to use for this project. Make sure that the stitches flow down the left side needle and continue knitting. After a while, you may begin to see the yarn floating over the chord that joins the needles.

Step 3

Continue casting on, and after a while, you may notice that some of the stitches will begin to climb up the right-hand needle. Don’t alarm, since this is supposed to happen if you are planning on rounding up a pattern. Do this until the stitches reach the top of the right-hand needle.

Step 4

This is where the process may get a little tricky. Once the stitches are at the top of the right-hand side, change the position of the needles. Now, the yarn should be on your right hand, and the needle with the stitches should be on your left side.

Step 5 

This is more of a checkup on your progress so far, once you have enough confidence, you can skip this step.

Now, you should make sure that the stitches on the left side are not stuck with other stitches or twisted. This may happen even to expert knitters, so don’t worry if this keeps happening.

Step 6

Once you are sure everything goes the way it’s supposed to be, you can begin rounding up your work. Just keep knitting this way, until you close out the circle.

When you start a new roundup, don’t turn the needles. This way the right side of the project needs to be facing your direction.

Step 7

After you have done this process many times, you will see the project taking the desired shape.

To finish it up, you should do it as if you were doing the last stitch on a flat project with straight needles.

What Size Interchangeable Knitting Needles to Use as a Beginner?

Circular needle sizes can vary from 3 to size 40. There is a chance that you still don’t know which dimensions can be used for what projects. Don’t worry, since this section is specially dedicated to explaining what all the different sizes are for.

3 – 16 Inch Needles

This is the best option to start with if you are just experimenting with circular needles. These needles are great for a small project such as specific hat patterns. We recommend starting with one of these little projects so you can get a better idea on how circular needles work.

Additionally, if you are planning to work in a tube-like project, these needles can be a bit easier to use since there is not much space between the needles.

You will usually find that these needles are used when double pointed needles are not the ideal tool anymore because of their length.

16 – 29 Inch Needles 

These needles are mostly used when you are going for a flatter design. Some of the most popular project done with these needle sizes may be scarfs. In most cases, this needle is great for mid-sized projects that do not need heavy or bulky yarn.

29 – 36 Inch Needles 

Here is where the heavy-duty knitting needles are. Although they are still designed to complete circular projects, these needles are preferred for a massive flat project such as quilts or mats.

This is because straight needles can cause cramps or pain when they are used for bulkier yarn. On the other hand, these needles are so resistant that they will hold the entire weight without you suffering repercussions of this weight.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for some of the best needles for beginners, we recommend purchasing the BetyBedy 18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set. This is because the vast arrangement of needles makes this set perfect for any project.

Besides, you can learn how the different sizes affect your project. In the meantime, you can also practice many different stitches so that you can call yourself a knitting expert someday.

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