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5 Best Sewing Machines for Piecing Quilt 2024, Tried & Tested

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Best Sewing Machines for Piecing Quilts
Credit: Shanta Roy

Quilting is more like creating comfort and artwork. It’s a pure emotion for the quilters and the one who loves to keep quilts.

But to create wonderful quilts, it needs a good quality and robust sewing machine.

And choosing the sewing machine for perfect piecing quilts is not an easy thing. Because you’ll need unique sewing feet and versatile stitches to create better quilts.

But don’t worry! We’re here for you with the best sewing machine for piecing quilts.

And after researching for a long time, we’ve listed 5 sewing and quilting machines that can create amazing and attractive quilts.

5 Best Sewing Machines for Piecing Quilts  – (Editors’ Top Picks)

SINGER 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine
Features at a Glance:
  • 600 built-in stitches for creative projects
  • Automatic needle threader for easy setup
  • Extension table for larger quilting projects
  • Speed control for precise stitching
  • One-step buttonhole function for convenience
  • LCD screen for easy stitch selection
  • Drop-in bobbin system for smooth threading
Why Do We Like It? We pick this sewing machine for you because it comes up with varieties of stitches and high-built quality that ensure the best quilting capacity. And we all know Singer is the utmost brand for all types of sewing and quilting machine.

Product information:

Brand Singer
Model 9960
Stitch count 600
Color White
Dimension 8.25 x 17.25 x 12 inches
Material Metal
Weight 20 pounds

Product Description

As always, Singer introduces us to the most effective sewing machine for piecing quilts. While testing this sewing machine, we were amazed that it provides great features and durable construction.

This sewing machine provides 600 built-in stitches such as basic, decorative, stretch, 13 one-step buttonholes, and 5 types of fonts. From home decor to clothing, you can work on every sewing project and explore your creativity because it lets you customize the lettering fonts.

Luckily, it offers speed control with a start/stop button that you can pause sewing anytime. It also includes a thread cut feature, so it won’t waste even a piece of thread.

However, you can work on large sewing projects because it has a wide slide-on detachable extension table. So don’t worry about the space at all. And the LED light helps to sew at night so that you can complete projects on time.

Along with these useful features, the drop feed, 7 different feeding systems, tension settings, presser foot, zigzag tapper, and bobbin winding clutch makes it more unique.

You’ll also get the LCD screen and easy one-touch buttons to choose the stitches. Yet, it can sew faster with a sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute.


  • Extended space for sewing big projects 
  • Includes a sewing accessory box
  • Various stitch collection 
  • Better lighting  
  • Fast sewing 
  • Durable 


  • Thread jamming issues 
Brother HC1850 Sewing & Quilting
Features at a Glance:
  • 130 built-in stitches for versatile projects
  • Automatic needle threader for quick setup
  • Large detachable table for quilting
  • Adjustable sewing speed for control
  • One-step buttonhole function for ease
  • LCD screen for easy stitch selection
  • Drop-in bobbin system for hassle-free threading
Why Do We Like It? One of the most desirable quilting machines for newbies to professionals is Brother HC1850. It gives you the ultimate comfort for sewing thousands of projects without any hassle. And it’s different because of the stitch collections and monogramming features. 

Product information:

Brand Brother
Model HC1850
Stitch count 185
Color White
Dimension 12.5 x 19.2 x 15.2 inches
Material Metal
Weight 10.14 pounds

Product Description

When it comes to creative sewing and quilting features, Brother HC1850 can be the right pick. The computerized sewing machine has a smart needle threader so that you don’t need to push the thread into the needle every time. Thus, the drop-in bobbin saves the threads from jamming and keeps them stable.

Talking about the working space, it offers an extensive table to complete larger projects quicker than you can imagine. Including a backlit LCD screen and touch, it helps you to select the stitches easily with one touch.

The most impressive feature of this sewing machine is 8 sewing and quilting feet such as overcasting, zipper, zigzag, spring action quilting, button sewing, blind stitch, monogramming, and buttonhole. These feet can sew amazing and unique patterns.

For attractive designs, it includes 130 versatile stitches like utility, basic, decorative, straight, stretch, heirloom, 55 alphanumeric fonts, 8 one-step, and auto-size buttonholes.

Moreover, it comes up with an extraordinary feeding capacity that moves the fabric and makes the quilting better with the drop feed and handle-free motion. With the free arm, you can sew difficult-to-reach places.

Additionally, it includes a stitch reference flip chart, customizable sewing speed, removable foot controller, push-button stitch selector, and automatic threading system.

You can carry the machine to your sewing classes or from your workspace to your home because it’s quite lightweight. To make it easy to use, it has an instructional DVD and a bilingual user manual. Also, it gives an accessory pouch that has everything you need to start sewing and quilting.


  • Modern computerized system 
  • Comfortable sewing space 
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable 


  • Some users find the threading difficult 
JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing & Quilting
Features at a Glance:
  • Single-needle straight stitching
  • High sewing speed of 1,500 SPM
  • Large work area for quilting
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Automatic thread cutter for efficiency
  • Knee lift lever for hands-free control
  • Durable and sturdy construction
Why Do We Like It? Here we choose the Juki TL-2000Qi for the professionals and experts. This is because it’s well known for semi-industrial sewing and quilting capacity and robust body material. And it makes the Juki machine more durable. 

Product information:

Brand Juki
Model TL-2000Qi
Power Source Treadle Powered
Color White
Dimension 8.6 x 17.8 x 13.8 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 25.4 pounds

Product Description

Juki is a renowned brand of sewing and quilting machines. With good brand value, it has some advanced features. Furthermore, it has been made of high-quality aluminum.

This sewing machine comes up with a sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute which makes your quilting and home decor easier. Yet, it has a maximum stitch length of 6mm.

It’s tough to sew if the sewing machine vibrates. But it has an aluminum die-cast arm and bed that ensures no vibration while sewing.

In addition to that, you can run the sewing machine with one pedal. Turning on the LED light helps to brighten up the working area during a long-term sewing area. Also, you can cut and sew all fabrics on the extended table.


  • Heavy-duty built quality 
  • Great speed regulator 
  • Smooth and efficient 
  • Low-maintenance 
  • Beautiful design


  • Voltage issues
  • Bigfoot pedal 
Janome 3160QDC-T Sewing & Quilting
Features at a Glance:
  • 60 built-in stitches for versatility
  • Automatic needle threader for ease
  • Extension table for quilting projects
  • Speed control for precise stitching
  • One-step buttonhole function for convenience
  • LCD screen for easy stitch selection
  • Drop-in bobbin system for quick setup
Why Do We Like It? This is for those people who started a new sewing business because it comes up with some basic stitches and regular quilting features. It works amazingly for new professionals and quilt learners.  

Product information:

Brand Janome
Model 3160QDC-T
Stitch count 60
Color White
Dimension 12 x 19 x 15 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 14.5 pounds

Product Description

Another renowned brand for sewing machines is Janome. And it introduces 3160QDC-T which has been specially designed for quilting. Furthermore, it offers 60 built-in stitches like basic, straight, stretch, and utility with 6 built-in buttonholes.

To save your eyes from strains, it provides an automatic needle threader. You can put the thread into the needle hook and the needle threader will pull the thread inside. At this point, you can balance it with the LCD control panel.

To be honest, the jam-resistant top-loading bobbin makes the sewing experience smoother and faster. Using the easy-function buttons, you can cut the extra threads from the top and bottom with the one-touch button.

It also provides the reverse stitch button and lock-stitch button for different sewing projects. Adjusting the needles offers the needle up and down button.

You’ll get the ¼” seam, automatic buttonhole “R” sewing foot, zigzag “F2” sewing foot, assorted needle set, “O” needle set, zigzag ”A” sewing foot, satin stitch, blind hem stitch and more for better quilting.

Apart from all these, it includes a hardcover, extension table,open-toe even & darning foot, and a bunch of accessories.


  • Compatible with all sewing projects
  • Great for beginners and learners 
  • Fast operating capacity 
  • Easy to carry 


  • Slow for the professionals 
Heureux Computerized Sewing & Quilting
Features at a Glance:
  • Computerized for precision and ease
  • 200 built-in stitches for creativity
  • Automatic needle threader for quick setup
  • Large extension table for quilting
  • Adjustable sewing speed for control
  • One-step buttonhole function for convenience
  • LCD screen for easy stitch selection
Why Do We Like It? Last, but not least, we come up with a basic computerized sewing and quilting machine for you. Heureux offers this model with some extraordinary comfort features and an easy operating system for learners and beginners.

Product information:

Brand Heureux
Stitch count 200
Material Aluminum, metal
Color White
Dimension 16 x 11 inches

Product Description

First of all, this sewing machine offers 200 different stitches such as 8 types of auto-size buttonhole stitches, 100 alphanumeric fonts, and decorative stitch patterns.

As it has an automatic needle threader and top-loading bobbin, it makes the quilting experience amazing. You can set up the bobbin without jamming and it saves your fabric while quilting.

Thus, the LCD screen lets you choose the stitches you want to use. You just have to push the button and hold to your favorite stitches. It provides versatile feet like zipper foot, buttonhole foot, blind foot, and dust covers.

And it lasts longer because it has a powerful motor and strong body material. As this sewing machine we pick for the semi-professionals and beginners, it can sew clothing, home decor, regular upholsteries, and heavy to simple quilting projects.


  • Beginner-friendly quilting capacity 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Good for learners 


  • Not enough for professionals and experts 

Final Thought

After all, you can choose from the best sewing machine for piecing quilts. We’ve talked to the users of these sewing and quilting machines to understand their quality, performance, and durability.

If you’re new to the sewing and quilting industry, then we suggest taking either Heureux or Janome. For semi-professionals and professionals, Singer and Brother is the best choice. And for industrial purposes, there’s no other sewing machine that works better than Juki.

Pick the sewing and quilting machine that suits your budget and requirement. After taking it home, install it carefully and try to keep it in an open space. It’s better to clean the sewing area whenever you use it. That’s all for today. All the best. 

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