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5 Best Commercial Sewing Machines of 2024, Tried & Tested

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The Best Commercial Sewing Machine
Credit: Shanta Roy

We’ve got you covered with our buying guide and reviews of the top 5 commercial sewing machines. Find the results here.

Are you a professional tailor or seamstress and like to deal with extremely heavy-duty work with the sewing machine?

As a sewing enthusiast, are you eager to keep pace with ever-increasing sewing projects?

Hence, you need to have a commercial sewing machine, commonly known as an industrial sewing machine, to have a positive turn in your work.

It will enable you to sew several projects within a limited time frame.

In addition, it will enrich you with better results and professional looks and of course, without any interruption.

So to perform the daunting task of handling bulk orders and sewing through multiple layers of fabric with ease, these machines are very good solutions. 

Best Commercial Sewing Machines – (Editors’ Top Picks)

On the market, you will come across multitudes of commercial sewing machines. In the case of being the first buyer, it will be a challenging task for you to get the right one. For your convenience, here goes the review of the top 5 best commercial sewing machines.

SINGER 191D-30

Features at a Glance:

  • Used to sew medium to heavyweight fabrics 
  • Maximum stitch length 5.0 mm (0.20 inches)
  • Complete assembling and ready to use
  • High speed(4,000 stitches/ minute)
  • Straight stitch
{ This Rating Provided Is Personalized }
Value for Money 4.4/5 Versatility 4.7/5 Durability 4.5/5
Easy to Use 4.6/5 Easy to Learn 4.4/5
Easy to Assemble 4.6/5
Why We Love It? Its configuration can satisfy you in every way as it is a combination of a sewing machine head, motor, and a completely assembled single-pedal stand.

Product information:

Brand Name SINGER
Weight 200 Pounds
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 40 inches
Is Electric? Yes

Product Description:

You are a tailor, a seamstress, a home decorator, a fashion designer, a dry cleaner, or an industrial sewer? 191D-30 Complete is a good match for you. If you are eager to have an ideal machine for medium to heavy fabrics, this complete-industrial-commercial-grade-straight-stitch machine is a good option for you.

You will definitely love it, for it enables you to complete your task in the shortest possible time with its high sewing speed & straight stitch.

The heavy-duty motor, able to deliver ½ horsepower, is a notable aspect of the machine. It will allow you to sew on multiple layers of various fabric eights, and you can use the machine for decades without any hesitation.

To give ease to your work, there is a knee lifter with which you can raise and lower the presser foot hands-free. You can lift up to 13.0 mm (0.50 inches) with the extra-high knee lifter. Without using the knee lifter, 5.5 mm (0.22 inches) of lift is possible with the traditional presser foot lifter.

Yamata Industrial FY-8700

Features at a Glance:

  • Having a speed of 1725 rotations per minute
  • Applicable for different materials
  • Creates 5mm long stitches
  • 5500 stitches per minute 
  • Heavy-duty metallic frame 
{ This Rating Provided Is Personalized }
Value for Money 4.6/5 Versatility 4.5/5 Durability 4.6/5
Easy to Use 4.4/5 Easy to Learn 4.5/5
Easy to Assemble 4.4/5
Why We Love It? Its special features are to create lock stitches and provide power enough to push the needle through light and medium fabrics with a powerful 1/2 horsepower of clutch motor. 

Product information:

Brand Name Yamata
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 11 inches
Stitches Per minutes 5500
Workspace 7″ x 18-7/8″
Needle System (DBx1) 16×257

Product Description:

For those who are looking for a machine to sew all types of fabric ranging from light denim, silk, and medium-thick cotton materials, here is Yamata-industrial-lockstitch-commercial-ddl-8700 for you.

It enables you to work as long as you want without any interruption. You need not be worried about the limited time frame for completing your sewing project because this machine is able to create 5500 stitches/minute with its high speed of 1725 rotations/minute.

Another lucrative part of it is the sewing table, a thick wooden top that gives you a large working space for your fabrics to be placed and supports the machine head and anything else kept on it. Besides, a heavy-duty metallic frame holds all the other components firmly in place.

The components included are the sewing table, drawer, motor, and belts. All its parts are shipped separately, and you are to assemble the machine head, table, motor, and the rest following the assembling guide after unboxing it.

VEVOR Industrial DDL8700

Features at a Glance:

  • Convenient to operate & repair
  • Integrated lubrication system
  • Single-Thread chain stitch
  • Stable performance
  • Automatic cut line
  • Insulated handle
  • Pulley rotation 
  • Long-lasting
{ This Rating Provided Is Personalized }
Value for Money 4.3/5 Versatility 4.7/5 Durability 4.7/5
Easy to Use 4.3/5 Easy to Learn 4.4/5
Easy to Assemble 4.1/5
Why We Love It? This machine has an optional pulley system enabling you to hang it from the ceiling. It is also fitted with a noise-decreasing device that can be loved for its top speed.

Product information:

Brand Name VEVOR
Weight 166 Pounds
Dimensions 32 x 20 x 54 inches
Power Source
Is Electric? Yes

Product Description:

The VEVOR-Industrial- DDL-8700 is a great machine for those who want to use it to sew goods such as business agriculture, chemical industry, transportation, etc. Its versatility has turned it into a user- friendly and you can sew both soft and hard fabric.

Bags of rice, flour, animal feed, fertilizer, chemicals, gravel, charcoal, etc. which are made of cloth, cotton, hessian, heavy paper, jute, and more can easily be sewn, or you can fit anything in a bag. The heavy-duty motor makes it possible.

You may prefer it for its lightweight. This industrial sewing machine includes a sewing machine head, servo motor, and a completely single-pedal stand with a table and LED lamp & you need to assemble them as all the parts come separately. 

An integrated lubrication system ensures that your machine oil will never run short & with this feature, you need not be tense about spoiling your sewing machine.

goodcrafter Industrial Sewing Machine 

Features at a Glance:

  • Stitch length of sewing is 4.5mm
  • High speed of 5000 needles/min
  • Heavy-duty metal frame 
  • Uses single needle 
  • Straight stitch 
{ This Rating Provided Is Personalized }
Value for Money 4.1/5 Versatility 4.4/5 Durability 4.2/5
Easy to Use 3.8/5 Easy to Learn 4.2/5
Easy to Assemble 4.0/5

Product information:

Brand Name Goodcrafter
Weight 15 Kilograms
Dimensions ‎59 x 47 x 23 cm;
Is Electric? No

Product Description:

If you need a powerful machine responding to the different types of sewing materials, industrial-commercial-thickened-adjustable fabrics (Juki DDL) are suitable for you.

This ready-to-use machine will impress you with its high speed of about 5,000 stitches/minute. The stitch length is 4.5mm and can be adjusted freely. It helps you complete your projects in a predetermined time and matches your sewing skills

It suits best silks, denim, wool, hem pants, drapes, holes rips, etc. With ease, you can do any repair and alteration or fulfill any sewing requirement. It lessens your trouble with a high-precision bobbin, built-in metal, mechanical gears, recycling lubricants, etc., and ensures sewing works’ stability.

The whole body of the fuselage is kept in a heavy-duty metal frame. It has a winding and reverses stitching function. When the bottom bobbin is used up, it can be automatically wound, or the bottom line color can be changed. 

Sister Industrial SR-8700

Features at a Glance:

  • Reliable DC servo motor 3/4 H.P(500 watts) 
  • Great sewing speeds 5500 stitches/minute
  • Requires sewing technician to set it up
  • Heavy-duty adjustable legs 
  • Sew multifarious fabrics
  • Lockstitch facility 
  • Low noise levels 
{ This Rating Provided Is Personalized }
Value for Money 4.0/5 Versatility 4.2/5 Durability 4.3/5
Easy to Use 4.1/5 Easy to Learn 4.2/5
Easy to Assemble 3.5/5
Why We Love It? This superb machine features a novel engineering technology that not only keeps the noise low but also reduces the vibration to a minimum.

Product information:

Brand Name ‎Sister
Stitches Per Minute 4500
Color white
Material Metal
Is Electric? Yes

Product Description:

The Industrial Machine -DDL-8700 is just the right machine if you need a powerful machine offering a smooth sewing facility for a range of materials.

This superb machine features a novel engineering technology that not only keeps the noise low but also reduces the vibration to a minimum.

It responds to your fondness for quality sewing fused with great speeds. It is so advantageous that you can easily interchange the parts with JUKI DDL 8300 – 8500 – 8700 – 8100 – DDL5550n etc. The machine head has an LED lamp attached to it is your assistance to illuminate the working space for better visibility, especially when working on dark fabrics.

This single-needle, straight stitch/ lock stitch machine comes with a servo meter, and a table frame unassembled. Apart from being quiet, the motor can produce up to 5500 stitches per minute at full speed, enabling you to complete sewing projects quickly.

The tabletop, available with the machine measuring 48″ x 20” easily accommodates bulky sewing projects. It is also thick enough to hold the machine head and other items placed on it.

What do We Need to Consider When Buying Commercial Sewing Machines?

Commercial Sewing Machine

When you set out on purchasing a commercial sewing machine, a couple of things you need to look at before setting down on one. Not to make a poor selection of any commercial sewing machine, you must have a comprehensive set of features to be considered. 

Must considerations be included in this buying guide to help you make an informed choice before purchasing a suitable one for you? They are as follows:


Speed is the precondition for any commercial machine as it is meant for income-generating activities and related to more products within a limited time frame. Accordingly, in most cases, they offer speeds ranging from 1000 to 5000 stitches per minute; some even offer higher switching speeds. 

And speeds depend on the type and speed of the motor as well as its intended use. A stitching machine, with the highest speed, ensures faster sewing of a medium-thick or light fabric. On the contrary, thick fabrics and leather material may require slower stitching speeds for a tight and perfect stitch.


To accomplish any difficult sewing jobs comfortably, you are in need of a powerful motor. And it may vary according to the type of work. Commercial sewing machine motors are of two types: clutch motors and servo motors. The first one is quite noisy, and the latter is lower noise. 

Clutch motors are quite strong and mostly preferred for machines dealing with leather, canvas, and other tough or thick materials. Servo motors are suitable for home-use machines. The stitching speed may be adjusted with it. You cannot get better outcome sewing tough or thick materials but good for light and medium fabrics.


The size of the machine matters a lot as space available in the workplace influences it. An exact assessment of it might not always be possible before purchasing. This is because some sewing machines are shipped being assembled. 

Power Consumption 

Commercial machines undoubtedly consume a lot of power; if you are a home user of them, it should be a matter of great consideration. So power used on these appliances is to be keenly monitored. 

As used for heavy sewing work and it is not unlikely that your electricity bills could run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. An Eco-friendly brand with low power consumption is to be looked for.

Bed Type

You may wonder that in the case of sewing if the bed type matters or not. Yes, you should consider it. Three-bed types are to be considered. 

First comes the post-bed type, having a high and even small surface beneath the needle that helps you focus on the stitches, especially for decorative stitches. Then cylindrical bed types are useful for those small and hard-to-reach places such as inside purses. 

Lastly, a flatbed, the conventional one can be used if post-bed and cylindrical types are not required.


Proper lubrication ensures the smooth running of the machine. Self-lubrication in case you forget to do so is a feature of an ideal machine. Avoid purchasing machines requiring manual lubrication, for it may damage the sewing machine if not checked.

Feeding Feature

This is an interesting feature that you need to consider before purchasing a commercial sewing machine. It determines how you feed the fabric to the machine. There are drop feeds, manual feeds, puller feeds, needle feeds, and even walker foot feeds. 

Additional Features and Warranty

Price is to be considered before purchasing a commercial sewing machine. Be sure to get something that matches your budget & works according to your needs. 


It’s really a daunting task to pick the best commercial sewing machine due to the sheer volume of models available in the market. First, specify your requirements. It will help you narrow down the potential models.

To get the maximum value out of them, their capabilities and features are to be considered. The sewing machines, reviewed above, offer the highest quality components and are made to last. You may avail of one of these incredible sewing machines to stand out in your clothing designs.

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