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How to Sharpen Sewing Pins

How to Sharpen Sewing Pins
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Do you sometimes find it annoying with needle rust? Does the dull sewing pin make your sewing project a nightmare?

Yeah, pins are not something to get angry about. It sometimes bothers you while working on a project.

They stuck and didn’t go through the fabrics. One single layer of fabric can be stubborn, so you need to sharpen them regularly.

This article will provide you with some fast and useful techniques for sharp sewing pins.

Well, before that, know the importance of sewing pins. Why is it a must-do task in a sewing project?

Let me tell you a proper explanation. 

Why Do You Need to Sharpen a Pin?

Sewing pins and needles are the most basic element of a sewing kit. You can find alternatives to all other instruments used in sewing. But, you will hardly find any other choice rather than using a sewing pin.

Yet, as simple as these pins are, it is most stressful to handle them. So, you have to use the most effective techniques to sharpen them. As long as they are sharp, sewing projects will be fun to do.

Fortunately, a few tricks can be used to make dull pins work better. Try those helpful tips below so that the pins and needles are always ready to hit the fabrics. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Tricks to sharpen your sewing pin

Sometimes you tried hard to push your needle into fabrics, so the needle broke as a result. This happens because of the dull pin tip and pin shaft. Yes, you need to sharpen them both, separately. Let’s talk about the techniques that you can follow to sharpen a pin.

Try a Soap Bar

Try this; it will change your cranky pins into sharp ones. It will equally sharpen your pin tip and shaft. How? Well, put any soap on a little dish and push the pin in. Stick one-third of the way into a soap bar. Then simply pull it out and get a smooth edge.

The soap will form a slippery film on the metal. This film will make sure that the pin passes through the fabrics. The most interesting thing is, it will wash any residue left when the fabric is cleaned.

If this formula works, then keep a bar of soap on a little plate near your sewing table. Whenever you notice any dullness in the pin, stick it into the bar. Annoying pins aren’t going to slow you down.

Use emery strawberry

You might be thinking about how a strawberry can sharpen a pin tip! Most of you don’t know about it. But it is one of the effective processes to sharpen the pin tip. A small strawberry hangs around a big tomato cushion. This little strawberry is filled with emery sand. These sands are used on an emery board.

Put your pin in several times and then move it around. Then pull it out of the cushion and remove any microscopic rust. Finally, slide your pin right until they need again sharpening. Emery sharp pins and needles and keep them free from burrs.

If you find it interesting, then keep them always with your sewing kit. In case, you lost your strawberry, we have a DIY idea for making it at home. It is very simple to do.

Take a piece of any fabric and stitch them from around. Then pour it with emery and close the open side. You can purchase emery by the pound.

Use steel-wool pincushion

Steel wool is a bundle of very fine and flexible sharp-edged steel filaments. It is commonly used by metal craft people and jewelers. It smooths the surface of the metal. 

It is a cute but effective process to sharpen your needle or pin. Just insert the pin into the cushion a few times then pull it out. Do not store your pin on the steel wool cushion. This will rust your needles.

You can get them ready-made in the market. Or else, if you are a craft freak then you can make this at home. You just need some things that you use. Do you have a cosmetic holding bag? Well, take it — also, one small box of steel wool pads.

First, unzip the bag and pour the steel wool pads inside. Fill the entire corner and close the zipper. Then put it near your sewing machine. Moreover, if you don’t have a cosmetic bag then do this job with a piece of cloth.

Use an emery board

This is a common thing that we have in our homes. We saw an emery board attached with a nail cutter. It is equally effective as emery sand. The rough part of the emery board cleans the rust from the needle and pin.

Rub the needle or pin over the emery board and clean with a cloth.

Use any ordinary oil

You might wonder how the sewing pin sharpened using ordinary oil. There is nothing to worry about. Let me tell you the procedure.

Dip the sewing needle or pin into any coconut oil or cooking oil. Then rub it using foil paper. Then simply clean it using a plain cloth. It will remove the rust and dullness over the pin. Also, leave a thin, smooth texture on the pin.

Final words

We hope all the tips and tricks for sharpening sewing pins helped you. If you feel your addiction to a sewing project, then these are most important to you. You might not like to change your favorite needle frequently. So, it is better for taking care of them. 

All of the mentioned tips are easy to do and fun to prepare at home. They will take away all your hatred toward dull sewing pins. So, enjoy the sewing project as the most fun project.  

Feel free to comment below, in case of your suggestion and queries. Stay connected with us for further updates. We will be back with some other tips and tricks very soon!

Best of Luck! 

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