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How to Fix Diagnostic Errors on Handi Quilter Longarm

How to Fix Diagnostic Errors on Handi Quilter Longarm
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Do you feel troubled with your handi quilter longarm machine

Sometimes we all face some diagnostic errors on our handi quilter longarm machine.

It is hard to find the troubleshooting or diagnostic problems of the longarm machine.

Different longarm machines come up with various features. But there are some common diagnostic errors of all longarm machines

Moreover, it seems complicated to fix the errors without any professional help. Once you find the particular diagnostic error of the longarm machine, you can fix it if you follow some instructions.

You can’t take your longarm machine to the servicing center when you find it challenging to work with the machine. So, it would be better if you learned to fix the diagnostic on your own. 

In this article, you will get proper guidance on how to fix diagnostic errors on the handi quilter longarm machine. Let’s get started. 

A guide to fixing diagnostic errors on handi quilter longarm 

Here we come up with some common issues on the Handi Quilter Longarm machine. You will know how you can fix the errors at home. 

Fixing tension issues 

Start with checking the bobbin tension. It is one of the significant issues of longarm machines. Tension issues depend on the thread you are using while quilting. So, you can change the thread to check it. After reviewing the bobbin tension, you need to understand the problem you are facing. 

Some longarm machines include automatic tension settings. Therefore, you have to adjust the top tension. In that case, you can check the instruction manual and adjust it. Clean the lint on the tension. Then, turn on your sewing machine and examine the bobbin tension. 

Fixing stitching issues 

If you are getting irregular stitches, you have to check the automatic settings, bobbin case, tension, and needle threader. One of the main reasons for irregular or skipped stitches is the needle quality. You have to replace your old/bent needle with the new one. 

Thread quality is also necessary for getting regular stitches. Choose the top-quality thread for perfect stitching on your quilt projects. After fixing the needle and thread, you can check the stitches. 

Fixing thread shredding issues 

You have to detach the bobbin case from your longarm machine. After that, remove the bobbin from the case. Take a brush to clean the lint and dust on the bobbin. Apply oil into the hook race and unthread the longarm machine from top tension. After completing the process, you have to thread your machine again. 

How to fix other diagnostic errors of handi quilter longarm 

Apart from these, you may have to face other diagnostic errors. In that case, you have to check other automatic and adjustable settings of your longarm machine.  

First of all, check the thread cutter settings. Adjust the settings correctly. After that, clean up the lint or dust in the blades of the thread cutter. Reset the thread cutter and begin to work. Otherwise, it can be a problem for you while working on different quilting projects. 

To fix the breakage issues of your longarm machine, you can set it up for a slower speed. It may help you to get rid of needle breakage. If you face software issues, you have to update or reinstall the pro-stitcher software as soon as possible. 

Adjusting the needle position can help you to get rid of speed problems. Nevertheless, you have to fix up the stitch regulator to generate different stitches without any hassle.

How to avoid errors on handi quilter longarm 

You can avoid errors by following some maintenance steps. Here it is- 

  • First of all, you have to oil your longarm machine regularly. It can prevent tension and bobbin issues. 
  • Clean the bobbin case, tension, and needle threader, thread cutter blade after every use. 
  • Change the thread and needle frequently. 
  • Choose the perfect size of the needle. 
  • Use good quality and suitable threads. 
  • Update the pro-stitcher software if needed. 
  • Adjust the speed settings properly. 
  • Always check the instruction manual while setting it up. 
  • Check the warranty service while buying the longarm machine. 


All in all, now you know how to fix the diagnostic errors of your longarm machine. Before you start fixing your longarm machine, you have to learn about every part of a handi quilter longarm machine. Along with that, you need to know how to operate the longarm machine. Otherwise, you can’t fix it properly, so you have to face the errors frequently. 

The handi quilter longarm machines require some proper maintenance to give you a hassle-free experience. In that case, taking care of the handi quilter longarm machine can help you to avoid diagnostic errors. If you fail to fix the errors, you have to call for professional help or take your handi quilter longarm machine to the nearest authorized servicing center. 

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