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How to Assemble Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine

How to Assemble Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine
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Suppose you are going to buy a sit-down longarm quilting machine to start a quilting business. Still, you have no idea how to assemble a sit-down longarm quilting machine.

 You may call any experts to help you out. But if you can learn to do it without any help, it will make your work easier. Isn’t it great?

Before learning to assemble your quilting machine, you have to buy a good-quality longarm quilting machine. However, it doesn’t seem easy to assemble a sit-down longarm quilting machine.

That’s why we come up with a complete guide for assembling your sit-down longarm quilting machine. Let’s get started. 

Steps on assembling sit-down longarm quilting machine 

You can assemble your sit-down longarm quilting machine by following some steps. Here you will learn the steps of assembling a sit-down longarm quilting machine. 

Step 1: Learning about the different parts   

First of all, you have to know about the different parts of a longarm quilting machine. The longarm machine has four poles- a backing pole, a quilt top pole, a leveler pole, and a take-up pole.  

Step 2: Process the poles accordingly

However, the backing, quilt top, and take-up poles have a leader fabric that is firmly woven and sturdy cotton or canvas fabric. The fabric will work as a support for your fabric.

In some more extended machines, you need to make sure that the frame that holds the frontal poles are horizontal to the frame. 

Step 3: Setting up the loading preference 

Hereafter, you have to adjust the dual loading preferences. The standard loading frame is above the waist level, and the clear view loading frame is below the waist level. 

You need to take an extra three to six inches of backing fabric and batting around the quilt perimeter. It allows you to have ample room to set it up on the longarm machine. Also, it ensures a better working area. 

Step 4: Pinning up the leading and backing fabric 

Thus, you have to pin the backing fabric edge right side facing down to the backing pole leader edge. We recommend using larger pins to hold your backing and quilt top. Make sure the flow of your leading and backing fabric is towards the longarm machine. 

After that, line up the backing edges and start pining from the center point to one side first and then pin the other side. 

Step 5: Lining up the poles 

Roll the backing pole towards you, keeping the quilt square to the long arm as you smooth out any wrinkles. Take your backing fabric underneath the backing quilt top and leveler poles. Bring the fabric up to the other side of the take-up pole.

Step-6: Prepare for quilting  

At this point, you have to line up the backing fabric and take up poles leader fabric straight edges. Keep loading the layers and put the quilt top pole onto the high cradle patch to create more space.

Then, take your batting right side facing up and put it in between the backing and quilter top poles. Moreover, bring the quilt top hole and place it in the lowered notch of the pole cradles.

Once you assemble everything, you can start quilting with your sit-down longarm quilting machine. 

Buying Guide of Sit Down Longarm Quilting Machine 

While buying a sit-down longarm quilting machine, you have to look into some features. It will help you to assemble the longarm quilting machine without any hassle. Thus, you will know what to look for when buying a sit-down longarm quilting machine. 

Throat space 

Check the length of throat space for working on long projects. However, it is better to choose a longarm quilting machine with 26 inches to 32 inches of throat space. 


Most quilting machines offer 1000 to 2200 stitches per minute. In the case of buying a sit-down longarm quilting machine, you have to look into the speed. It allows you to complete your projects. 


If you want to work on long projects, you will need a wide working area. Also, it matters the most to professional quilters. Select a sit-down longarm quilting machine with a proper workspace. 

Stitch regulator 

You have to check if the quilting machine has a stitch regulator for free-motion quilting. Besides, it helps you to adjust the speed.  


After all, you can follow the steps for assembling your sit-down longarm quilting machine. We have also included the buying guide for a longarm quilting machine. Choose wisely while buying it.

Some brands like Handi Quilter, Baby Lock, Juki, Gammill, Consew, Husqvarna, and King Quilter make the best sit-down longarm quilting machines. Thus, it is better to learn the setting up process before starting a quilting business. Happy quilting.

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