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How To Thread A Baby Lock Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Baby Lock Sewing Machine
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Baby Lock, as a brand, is one of the most well-revered and well-known brands that make sewing machines of all kinds.

It thrives on its 50 years of history and brilliance. The price range of the sewing machines from this brand is also affordable.

They make some with advanced technology as well. From sewing, quilting, and serging to embellishment and embroidery machines, Baby Lock has it all.

This Japanese brand creates some really high-quality yet affordable sewing machines and makes them in such a way that from beginners to the most skilled, all the sewists comfortably can work with these, projecting their optimum creativity and skill.

When the sewing machine is super simple to use, threading it will be easy and convenient, no doubt. So, as the topic indicates, let’s check out how to thread a Baby Lock sewing machine in a few steps. But before that, let’s understand why it’s so essential to thread it the right way.

Importance Of Proper Threading

For you all skilled sewists, threading might be a piece of cake, but we all know no matter how experienced one is, to thread a sewing machine could be the toughest. Tough regarding how crucial it is for proper, precise, and even stitches on the fabrics.

One simple mistake could lead to a jam in the sewing machine and ruin an expensive material and precious project with uneven, wrinkly stitches. Every sewing machine is similar, so the process of thread will be the same too.

However, they are not the same, so understand the difference, and please know how that particular machine works by thoroughly analyzing it. You will have to know the specific way to thread the Baby Lock sewing machine in this case. And we assure you you can do the threading of the Baby Lock sewing machine in a couple of easy steps. What are those steps? Let’s jump onto it.

Step One – Put Your Thread On The Spool Pin

Threading a sewing machine the right way does not always depend on the device. It also depends on the thread you are using to sew your projects as well. So, make sure you always use high-quality threads to stitch your projects, no matter how simple the outfit or project is.

Now, when you have chosen the high-quality thread and the color matches the project, you have to put it on the spool pin. In some Baby Lock sewing machines, you will notice the top covered with a case. And in some, the top is fully exposed and open.

Depending on which sewing machine you are using, for instance, if it has the top case, first open the top case to reveal the top of the sewing machine, where you will find the spool pin and guides to thread it.

Open up the top case, and on the right side, there you have the spool pin or holder. Just put the thread spool on the holder. Then get the cap or lock disc and put it through the spool holder to lock the spool on the holder.

Step Two – Take The Thread Through The Guides Following The Numbers

We have already mentioned how convenient Baby Lock sewing machines are to use. So, while threading, you will see numbers on the guides, and you will have to just follow those numbers and arrows around them and take the thread through those guides accordingly. Make sure you have a neat thread end.

Start taking the thread end through number one and then through the hook to the top, where number 2 is marked.  At this point, you will have to take the thread down to take it to number 3. The thread is going through crevices, and hooks super quickly, and to reach number 4, take it up through the gaps and then again down, and you will eventually get to number 5.

The take-up lever will be in number 4. At least in most cases, keep that in mind. Moreover, if you find it difficult to see and follow the crevices to thread the machine, switch the light on. Many Baby Lock sewing machines have bright lights for the effortless discerning of the steps as well.

Step Three – Carefully Take The Thread Through The Sixth Thread Guide

Now you have reached the needle portion, and right above the needle, you will see number 6 well-pointed, and you will have to take the thread through the hook there. Here, the sewing machine type varies.

If it’s not an auto-threading machine, you will just have to thread the needle manually. Just take the thread end through the needle eye hole. If it’s a sewing machine that flaunts an auto needle threader, you will notice a number 7 on the left.

There will be a groove around the metal threader. Take the thread through that groove. Then put it on the thread cutter and click the switch of the auto needle threader. And that is it, you have threaded your sewing machine, both with an auto needle threader and without it.

Step Four – Place The Bobbin

We assume your bobbin is well-winded with thread, and you have put it in the case. Now remove the cover of the bobbin slot, and it will mostly be around the needle portion due to most of the popular sewing machines being with the top drop-in bobbin. Put the bobbin in the slot and take the thread through the bobbin tension groove. Make sure your thread is smoothly working when you pull it, and there you will notice the bobbin is moving counterclockwise equally smoothly.

Step Five – Connect The Top And Bottom Thread

To bring the bottom thread to the top thread, use the handwheel and turn it fully one time, and the needle will go up and down one time. At that moment, it will bring the bottom thread over, and you will just have to pull it to put it with the top thread. Lock the bobbin slot with the cover, and your Baby Lock Sewing machine is well-threaded and ready for stitching.

Trust us when we say to thread a Baby Lock sewing machine is way easier done than said and explained. Understand the steps and make sure to follow them accurately and practice a few times, and you will soon turn into a Pro in threading your Baby Lock sewing machine, no matter how many different versions from the brand you need to thread.

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