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How to Use a Serger Sewing Machine

How to Use a Serger Sewing Machine
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

A person who knows a little bit about sewing machines never betrays the importance of using a serger sewing machine.

With that being said, the use of a serger machine is not that easy to be easily carried away by any of us. It requires certain aspects to be fulfilled.

Here we are going to shed light on those aspects, so that you may have a better view of using the serger sewing machine.

But before that, let us find out what basically the serger sewing machine is. And what special tasks does it perform that make it distinct from other sewing machines? 

Let’s get started: 

What Is a Serger Sewing Machine?

The serger sewing machine is basically a kind of sewing machine that uses multiple spools of thread to make complex stitches. What it does is trim the seam and edge the fabric inside the threaded casing. The serger uses three spools of thread to make a single stitch. The new ones come equipped with both utility and decorative stitches. 

What are its benefits?

What makes a serger different from a regular sewing machine? This is probably what you are thinking right now. Don’t worry. We have got the answer!

There are certain aspects that mark the difference between a regular sewing machine and a serger. These differences are considered to be its benefits which might not be available through a regular sewing machine. So, let us quickly review of all the perks of having a serger sewing machine, and make its use more beneficial:

  • The serger sewing machine is faster as compared to the regular sewing machine. With the help of this masterpiece, you can repair torn seams or do any other task in just a bit of time.
  • The serger is way too sturdy and powerful as compared to the regular sewing machine.
  • Serger ensures that you do not waste your time cutting the unwanted thread as it comes equipped with a blade.

How to Use the Serger Sewing Machine?

The serger sewing machine is undoubtedly the most powerful and sturdy sewing machine that makes the most durable stitches. With that being said, it requires a number of things to be done before you start working with the serger.

The foremost element of using a serger is to thread it rightly. As it is mentioned previously, the serger is basically comprised of multiple spools that allow triple thread stitch. So, for that purpose, you need to thread the serger first.

Now, let us just briefly look at all the major steps to be followed while using a serger sewing machine:

Threading a Serger:

While using a three-thread machine, you will find two loopers and a single-needle thread. All you need to do is to place the loop of thread on the upper looper and pull it to the needles below. Then thread the second looper with the help of tweezers. In the end, thread the needle to complete threading the serger sewing machine.

Tension adjustment:

As we all know that serger sewing machine can do a lot of tasks like hemming and stuff, so after threading the serger completely, we need to adjust the tension of the serger sewing machine, or we can say that you have to choose the mode for your required stitching pattern.


In the end, you will need to lift the presser foot and needles and let the fabric out of them. After that, cut the fabric edge and sew the fabric by pressing the foot again.

Repeat the process until you get the desired design on the fabric. 

Now, let us check out the most common serger functions:

Starting with the first and foremost, seam finishing. It is the most important function the serger sewing machine performs because a well-stitched fabric never shows up with unseating finishes.

Secondly, the seaming knits enable them to fit with knit fabric. You can easily overlook the fabric by using a serger sewing machine.

Lastly, the serger sewing machine does roll hemming which is quite a task to be done by a regular sewing machine. Moreover, it does chain stitch without any hassle. 

Wait! This is not the end. You can enjoy a lot more with the help of this sewing machine than you would ever be able to do with a regular sewing machine. Although basic stitching could not be done without having a regular sewing machine a serger sewing machine is definitely able to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can we use a serger for regular sewing?
Ans: No, we cannot use a serger sewing machine for regular sewing, although it does a great job of trimming the seam and edging the fabric all in one step, still, it cannot replace the regular sewing machine. The reason is that you will need a regular machine for facings and other switching patterns like that.
2. How does a serger different from a regular sewing machine?
Ans: A regular machine is equipped with one bobbin that works with a single thread at a time to create simple stitches. Whereas, the serger sewing machine uses multiple spools of thread to create complex stitches. Furthermore, the tasks they perform also differ from one another. For instance, a serger overlocks the fabric while the regular sewing machine makes does simple stitching.
3. Can we use a regular thread in the serger sewing machine?
Ans: Although a normal thread can be used in the serger it is not recommended because it will cost you a lot. The reason is that a regular thread runs out so fast that you will keep on changing one after another. Also, the regular thread is a strong one as compared to that of the sergers, and for overlocking your fabric you do not probably need a strong piece of thread.

Summarizing Things Up!

So, this was all about the use and benefits of a serger sewing machine along with the impeccable functions it performs. This will urge you to give this masterpiece a check and use its amazingly vivid features. 

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