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15 Sewing Quotes and Their Meaning For Beginners

Quotes are not for fun! Even if they have funny meaning, all quotes have deeper meanings. There’s a lot you can learn from quotes. So, we must treat quotes as a source of knowledge and motivation.

Sewing quotes are no different! All seamstresses have encountered one or more sewing quotes as their sewing career advances.

Sometimes these quotes will make you laugh. And sometimes they’ll motivate you to move forward brushing aside all barriers.

If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of sewing quotes. I personally love to read quotes and extract the juice of knowledge from them.

When your situation matches with the lesson of a quote, you’ll feel the power of that quote. Such a situation can change the course of your life.

In this article, I’ve collected some 15 sewing quotes for beginners. I’ll also try to discuss what these quotes mean. Most importantly, I’ll keep an eye not to make the article a boring one!

Sewing Quotes and Their Meaning For Beginners

1. My Soul is Fed with Needle and Thread.

This is really a funny quote. Haha!

In fact, this quote has a deeper meaning as well. When you get so addicted to sewing that you’ll start feeling like this quote. And it’s no joke!

What the quote means needle and thread are the source of life for a seamstress. You wouldn’t mind living without a comfy bed. But, the absence of needle and thread is just intolerable!

2. When Life Gives You Scrap, Make a Quilt.

Don’t just level this quote funny yet.

Yes, it’s true that life sometimes gives you scrap. We find it hard to go through those tough situations. The quote says don’t get upset, just start making a quilt!

If you know how quilts are made, you could easily relate the quote now.

3. I’m Working on My Ph.D. (projects half done) in Sewing.

I wouldn’t disagree that this quote is solely dedicated for fun.

Apart from the fun, you can even use this quote to the face of such friends who loves to undermine others. Sad but true, we all have such friends.

This quote can be a great weapon to tackle those IDIOTS!

4. You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Fabric, And That is Pretty Close.

This quote shows the love of seamstresses for their fabrics.

As happiness is the most important part of your life, fabrics are the same as a seamstress! So, although seamstresses can’t buy happiness, they can buy fabrics. And fabrics is the source of their happiness!

5. A Clean House is a Sign of a Broken Sewing Machine.

Haha! This is so true. The house of a seamstress is always full of lint, small pieces of clothes, and so on. This is a sign that sewing work is going on in that house.

On the other hand, a clean house indicates that the sewing machine has been off for a while. That’s why the house is so clean. Either the machine is broken, or the seamstress is badly sick.

6. I Just Don’t Want to Look Back and Think That I Should Have Bought That Fabric.

It’s no exaggeration that fabrics are the soul of sewing. And the dilemma to buy a piece of fabric or not is a pretty common scenario for every seamstress.

If you have the budget, ignore this dilemma. Just buy the fabric you want. Even if you later realize that the fabric you bought doesn’t match the current project.

Don’t worry! You can always start a new project considering that new fabric you bought. Don’t you agree with me?

7. Of Course, I Am Working. It Is a Power Tool with Thread.

Some people in our society are so mean-minded that they don’t consider sewing as work or profession. If you tell them “I sew”, their reply would be “Oh, you’re a housewife!”

Don’t get upset! Just label this quote on their face!

8. Measure Twice. Cut Once. Curse. Repeat.

Almost every seamstress should relate this quote with themselves. This quote is so real as if you’re reading the story of all the seamstresses.

You can treat this quote from a different angle as well. Look at the quote again. Do you see the different angle? “Measure twice. Cut once. Curse. Repeat.” This is how you learn sewing!

9. No, My Sewing Room is Not Messy. I Just Have Everything out on Display. Like a Museum.

You can’t stop laughing when you get the true meaning of the quote.

As I’ve already mentioned, the room of a seamstress is always messy. If not, be sure that sewing work has been off for a while.

Here, this quote is a funny reply to such comments that the room is messy.

10. The Only Place Housework Comes before Quilting Is in the Dictionary.

Now, this quote is funny. But, it has a deeper meaning as well.

The fun part of the quote is quite apparent. What about the deeper meaning? What do you think?

To a seamstress, quilting or sewing always comes first. Even before housework!

11. “I Will Not Buy Any Fabric Until I Use My Fabric Stash at Home,” I Said. And Then I Laughed and Laughed.


Some people say that seamstresses buy tons of fabrics unnecessarily. I don’t agree with them!

Why? I would say that the more you buy fabric, the more you love sewing! And if you don’t have a stash of fabrics in your home, I doubt your passion for sewing.

12. That Secret Happy Dance You Do When You Realize You Are Finally Done Hand-Cutting All 9,000,000,000,000 Squares for That Quilt.

First of all, don’t get confused seeing the number. This is just a hyperbole. A hyperbole is a literary term that simply means an exaggeration.

And the ‘secret happy dance’ is basically a secret that only a seamstress would feel it. Simply put, this is the happiness of accomplishing a milestone.

13. Fabric Is So Addictive that It Should Be a Controlled Substance.

This is yet another quote that expresses the seamstress’ deep love for fabrics. In other words, seamstresses literally get addicted to fabrics.

The addiction is too high that sometimes you’ll feel the ‘necessity of a department to control the addiction’.

14. You Never Know What You Have Until You Clean Your Craft Room.

Nobody other than a seamstress would understand the meaning of this quote!

Everything gets piled up here and there in a sewing room. As time goes by, you lose track of what you have and where. And when you clean the room after a long time, you start to discover the lost things!

Seriously, this is a true story!

15. The Sewing Room Obstacle Course Should Be an Olympic Event.

Honestly speaking, I laughed a lot after reading this quote! This is so funny!

On the other hand, think about the reality. Can you imagine the sewing room that is hinted at by this quote? The metaphor of comparing the sewing room with an obstacle course is just mind-blowing.

It would be funny if the Sewing Room Obstacle Course was introduced as an Olympic event. Haha!


To wrap up, it would not be wrong if I say that sewing quotes are like the phrases and idioms. You learn them and act accordingly if you face any similar situation.

So, what do you think about sewing quotes now? Are they just fun or they have their lessons as well?

One thing is sure; some of these sewing quotes will positively shape or change your sewing life.

That’s all for now. I’m sure you can relate most of these sewing quotes with you. And if you’re a newbie in the sewing arena, hopefully, you’ll be able to relate them in future. Nothing to worry or hurry!

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