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How To Thread A Juki Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Juki Sewing Machine
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Juki is one of the most known sewing machine brands, and the brand makes several types, and the best is their industrial sewing machines. Many sewers find the threading of a sewing machine difficult.

However, when you know the steps well and take the thread the right way, nothing stays complicated. And we are here to explain the threading of a Juki Sewing Machine in a few easy steps. Start practicing with us and enjoy.

Step #1 – Assess And Know The Thread Guides

The first step is to check all the thread guides, properly assess them and mark them. You cannot miss a single guide. You have to take the thread with every guide; otherwise, there will be issues.

The best way to learn about all the thread guides and where they are built and placed is to read the user manual. There must be a clear picture of that in the manual.

So, learn about the guides and keep every single of them in mind. And if needed, check the manual while threading the sewing machine. None is stopping you, right?

Step #2 – Wind The Bobbin

You will notice two thread spool stands and a top guide with two holes right above those. Now, place two thread spools on them and take each thread through the holes on top. That step will ensure a smooth pull on the thread during bobbin winding.

Now take the thread end of the right spool thread and insert it through the bobbin winder’s guide hole from right to left. And then wrap it in the tension disc from beneath.

Set an empty bobbin on the spindle and lock the auto-stop lever by pushing it forward. Wrap the thread pulled from the tension disc from beneath the bobbin a few times. Switch on the machine, and your bobbin will start winding up.

Step #3 – Work With The Left Spool Thread

The left spool thread will be what you will take through the guides on the machine.

The Post With The Disc

Take the thread end, and the first stop is the post with a tension disc on top of the machine. Insert the thread from back to front and then wrap it on the disc from the top.

Top Thread Guide

Right beside it, you will see the top thread guide. You have two holes there. Take the thread through the top hole from right to left. Bring it at the front of the bottom hole by wrapping the guide and again take the thread end from right to left through the bottom hole.

Large Tension Disc

Right beneath, you have a tension disc. Wrap the thread well to the disc right in the middle. If it seems too tight to wrap the thread, use the knee lever to open the discs and wrap it between them.

Take-Up Spring

Above the particular tension discs, you have the take-up spring. Take the thread through it and then wrap it around the large hook, then up through the guide above to reach the take-up arm.

Take Up Arm

Insert the thread end through the take-up arm, once again, right to the left. Bring the thread down and take it through the guide right beneath.

Needle Area

You will notice two slots in the needle area. First, you have a bar, a hook sort on the presser bar. Take the thread through that hook, and then you have a hole in front of the needle bar. Insert the thread through that hole.

Needle Eye

The final step is to insert the thread in the needle eye from left to right.

Step #4 –  Install The Bobbin In The Slot

Now insert the bobbin in the bobbin case and take the thread through the slit, tension, and hook. Your bobbin case is ready to be set in the bobbin slot of the rotary hook assembly.

Switch on the machine for once while pulling the top thread towards you. And let the needle move one full time, and pull up the bottom thread on top. You now have both the top and bottom thread to start sewing.

You will have to follow all the guides and take the thread through them from the right side. It’s the key, keep that very firmly in mind, and that is how you ensure there will be no thread gathering or jamming of the machine.

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