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How to Choose the Perfect Sewing Machine for Cosplay – Tips & Tricks

How to Choose the Perfect Sewing Machine for Cosplay
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Cosplay is a word that spurs many emotions and memories. Cosplay makes life a little better place, knowing that you can live your imagination.

That being said, cosplay is pretty common, and many people often go for the same ones. It takes the fun out of it if everyone is following the same trend or cosplay.

So, if you want to look different from the rest, then you might need to be creative. As per being creative with a dress, you would require a sewing machine.

Will the sewing machine that you have in the storeroom do the work? Well, maybe if you are lucky. 

Why Sew the Costumes Yourself? 

Cosplay is a good way to live out all your imagination and show how much you love the character that you are endorsing in a cosplay.

This trend is now followed worldwide irrespective of the race and ethnicity of the people, which is a pleasant development to see. Even though there is a huge amount of ethnicities following it, there is too much repetition of the same characters.

But, if you want to be a unique person who would stand out in the majority, then get yourself a sewing machine. If you want to work with perfection, then you would need the right armor and the right equipment. That is why I am here to tell you some tricks that you can follow while you are choosing the perfect sewing machine for cosplay.

Why Do You Need a Special Sewing Machine for Cosplay?

Sewing a cosplay dress might include more than the usual stitches that we use in daily life dresses. Because of this, it is important to have a special sewing machine, which is more powerful when it comes to handling a variety of fabrics. There are various sewing machines present in the market which are dedicated to cosplay.

When you go for buying a cosplay machine, make sure that you ask all the important questions like the pre-programmed stitches present in the sewing machine and its needles size, set, and efficiency with various fabrics.

Apart from these things, there are so many other factors that separate a cosplay sewing machine from the lighter ones that we use. if you have a heavy-working sewing machine at your home, then that might do the job for you. So, make sure you don’t go over-spending money.

There is a wide range of sewing machines present in the market that you can buy. They vary in their prices but beware that you do not have to go for the one with the highest price. Look for the features it is offering and then make a wise decision.

Factors You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Perfect Sewing Machine for Cosplay

Now, let’s look at all the features that you should see before making a decision. The sewing machine’s price can cost you thousands of bucks, so you need to be sure before buying one that you are making the right choice. Here are some important factors that you should keep in mind!

Machine Build-Up:

A sewing machine is of two mechanisms. The first one is mechanical, and the other is electrical. The mechanical sewing machine follows the conventional style of sewing up the fabric. It is very hard and time-consuming. So, if you are trying to save some time, you would choose the electrical sewing machine.

The electrical sewing machine is the dominant kind in which the markets are filled with. Since everyone wants to get done with sewing projects, choose an electrical sewing machine.

Then within the electrical sewing machines, there are two further build-up types. It relates to the material their body is constructed with. It can be plastic or metal. Well, according to my experience, if you have some heavy projects to do and want to invest for a lifetime, then go for a metal body. Metal body sewing machines are durable, and they work well with heavy fabrics.

Pre-Programmed Stitches:

As a beginner or as an occasional designer, you would want to do the work with as much assistance as you can get from the sewing machine. Even if you are none of the former ones, but you have so many projects lined up as a designer, then you would want to get done with them as soon as you can.

Yet, perfection is the soul of design, so you would need some pre-programmed stitches to help you out in making perfect cosplay. There is a range of stitches that are available in different sewing machines. The number varies from 3 to 70. So, be wise when you choose a sewing machine because you will have to handle it in the future.

Storage Space:

You need to keep the space issue and size of the sewing machine in mind too. If you want a sewing machine that you are going to take to your classes every day, then undoubtedly a heavy machine won’t be the right choice.

So, take a look at your needs and preferences then go sewing machine hunting. In the process, you can negotiate on one or two things, but keep in mind that you would need good quality in the future while doing your projects.

Free Arm:

A free arm is important for a cosplay designer. Because we have to deal with trains and other such intricate stitching curves that need to be dealt with perfection. Doing such stitching would require some extra support. For that cause, some sewing machines have a free arm. Look for a free arm when you go for your cosplay sewing machine hunting.

Fabric Choice:

There are so many varieties of fabrics that designers have to encounter while making cosplay, so make sure your sewing machine can work with heavy fabrics too. Otherwise, if you go for a low-quality sewing machine, then the needle might break during the work, and you would have to get it repaired.

Concluding Things Up 

Keep a vigilant eye on all these factors when you choose a sewing machine because if one of them goes wrong, you might have to face difficulties in the future. 

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