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How to Price an Antique Sewing Machine

How to Price an Antique Sewing Machine
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

Antique sewing machines can be worth a lot, depending on their situation and age.

But just because something is ancient doesn’t make it worthwhile. Being in good condition is a significant element as well.

And if you want to own a rare machine, know that roles will be equally unique. The significance of a machine is directly related to whether & how well it works.

If your machine functions, mainly if it functions smoothly and efficiently, this is inclined to positively affect the machine’s worth.

 A machine is likely to be more expensive if the original wooden case is present and in good condition and the machine has its original key.

 Another thing that can boost a machine’s worth is its original pieces, papers, and instructions. Here you will know how to price an antique sewing machine.

Things to Consider Pricing an Antique Sewing Machine

Local Antique Stores

Conceivably one of the best ways to rate your machine’s value is to review a local antique store. There are two aspects you can do this:

  • Bring your machine to the store and observe if they will offer to purchase it from you. If they give you an offer, double that price to get the marketable value.
  • Find an identical machine in the store and inquire how long it has been recorded at that price. According to the International Sewing Machine Collectors Society, “you can then halve the original price on the machine for every three months it has been for sale.”

Is It an Antique?

First, understand that a sewing machine is considered an antique if prepared more than 100 years ago. Modern machines are considered vintage, but they can be precious in the collectibles market.

Contact that company or visit their comprehensive list of serial numbers for sewing machines to find out when your machine was created.

 Have the machine’s serial number handy. You can usually locate it stamped on the right side of the machine, but the manufacturer’s website discusses alternative orders.


Specifying the brand will assist you in knowing the significance of your sewing machine – and if it’s an antique sewing machine. Here is a quick deterioration of the most popular machines of the 20th century and before.

Singer brand machines are among the most prominent, but also the most expensive machines. Singer sewing machines tend to come slightly cheaper since they were in such high output in the 20th century.

Willcox & Gibbs is a company that gave rise to machines starting in the 19th century for both industrial and household use. Heretofore these are pre-20th century. They also maintain a lot of value.

Wheeler & Wilson machines became famous for their capacity. One of their most sought-after machines made 100 buttonholes per hour back in 1860!

White is one of the most extensively selling sewing machines in the United States, right behind Singer. They are usually less expensive due to their abundance of produce.


The age of the sewing machine is the first pointer of value. The first specialized sewing machine was invented in the 1840s. Because of their historical significance, sewing machines from the mid to late 1800s are unique and almost anyway valuable.


The situation of your antique sewing machine is valuable to collectors. Rusting, Chipping, and prominent broken parts will reduce the machine’s significance.

After you’ve evaluated the age and situation of your sewing machine, use eBay to analyze further. Online antique dealers can be another valuable reserve.

Take your machine to an antique appraiser if you’ve peaked online and haven’t found similar sewing machines.

Historical worth

Few collectible old sewing machines sell for a lot of money. Still, maximum antique and vintage machines have a particular price range of $50-$500.

That said, if you’re an avid sewer, you perhaps value these old machines because their stability is more than their collectability. Most machines created before 1970 have a solid metal formation that keeps driving forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the serial number of the antique sewing machine?

Machine models are usually organized through serial numbers. Every sewing machine comes with a serial number that defines the model.

Usually, the serial number is placed right next to the power button on newer machines. But the serial numbers have been placed on the front panel or a plate on previous models.

What features should you look for while buying an antique sewing machine?

As the machine is built, it should be heavy. The working of the handwheel should be smooth. The function of need going up and down should be effortless.

With every handwheel circle, the feed dogs and bobbin case must move.

Closing Remarks

Do you know what the best part is? The best thing is that most old sewing machines can be helpful. One can have machines that are over 100 years old. Also, they work incredibly, even better than some new machines.

With proper maintenance, they will work for another 100 years. This does not make them particularly valuable except to another collector or user of vintage machines. Value is determined by whatever someone is inclined to pay. I hope you know how to price an antique sewing machine

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