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How To Apply New Decals To Singer Sewing Machines

How To Apply New Decals To Singer Sewing Machines
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

We have all seen the classic black Singer Sewing Machines. We have either used it ourselves or have seen our grandmother or mother using it to sew ample amounts of fabrics, day and night.

It’s a classic because it’s a design quite old with a hundred years of legacy behind it and had colorful designs and golden Singer logos on the sewing machine itself.

The font of the brand name changed, the designs embossed on the metal body evolved, and here we are in the age and time with ample new versions of logos and patterns ready to put on those black beauties all by ourselves.


The designs, patterns, and images we are talking about are called decals. And those of you who are not familiar with the term decal must know that it’s just a substrate on a paper surface placed in the form of patterns, images, and brand names. You can put it to any surface, in this case, on the body or the edges of the Singer sewing machines, by activating it with either water or heat.

Now when the sewing machines already have decals on them, some really pretty ones, what is the use of the decal? After a few years of service, the decals on the sewing machines wear off or rip off. It’s normal due to excessive use.

However, as the Singer sewing machines last for years, it requires restoration from time to time. That is when you need to use these decals to make the machine look different and new. Even if it doesn’t need any restoration, one can still try applying decals to give the machine a brand-new look.

The fresh, new look really works to accelerate your rather monotonous working performance and bring much-needed enthusiasm giving you a feeling like working with a new sewing machine.

Things You Will Need

  • Waterslide decals
  • Water at room temperature
  • Scissors
  • A medium-tip soft paintbrush
  • Paper towel

Step #1 – Cut The Decals Carefully

Now, as we can see, we are explicitly using waterslide decals. They are easily available nowadays. The best part about the waterslide decals is that it doesn’t require crisp cutting of the decals following the golden edge of the decals with the utmost attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can be super random and run your scissors haphazardly. Do it carefully but keep a thick edge of paper around the decals. You have to be careful but not precise.

Step #2 – Clean The Machine

You will need a clean surface to apply the decals. So, clean the machine with legit cleaners. Do not use random cleaners to wipe it. It will end up removing the paint on it. It is always better to clean, repair, and paint the entire machine before applying decals to it. You can do it yourself, but professionals do it much better and accurately with finesse and safe products.

Step #3 – Soak The Decals In Water

Take a bowl or plate of water, if possible, distilled water at room temperature. A little warm water will also do. Put the cutout decal in it upside down. Even though you have cut out quite a few decals, work with just one at a time. Let the decal soak in the water for about 30 seconds. In the meantime, you have to soak the paintbrush tip and apply water on the machine surface, precisely where you want the decals to be applied.

Step #4 – Take Off The Soaked Decal

Now take off the soaked decal from the water and place it close to the specific portion of the machine where you want your decal. Slide the decal from the paper carefully on the surface.

Step #5 – Position The Decal On the Machine

Now, this is what takes most of your time and attention, adjusting the decal. Use your hands, use the paintbrush to straighten the decal, position it the right way, align it with the edges, and remove the creases and air bubbles. Continue doing it unless the decal is perfectly applied, and super crisp without any wrinkles. You can do it till the water dries. So skip rushing.

But neither be too slow while doing it. If you are done positioning it and are satisfied, take a paper towel and wipe the water from the decal and the sewing machine. After that, you will have to apply a clear coat to secure the new paint and decals applied to the machine.

With time the method of applying the decals has also changed and become easier. It’s so easy that even a layperson can do it with the proper materials and tools. So, that was how you apply new decals to your old Singer sewing machines. Try doing it yourself and enjoy.

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