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How Do You Load The Bobbin On The Singer Starter Sewing Machine

How Do You Load The Bobbin On The Singer Starter Sewing Machine
Credit: Sewing Machine Gallery / Shanta Roy

The singer is a reliable name in the sewing industry. They have high-end devices for all skill levels. They let us design our own clothes, repair torn fabrics, and redesign old items as per our needs effortlessly. 

The seams contain two thread sources, and one of them comes from the bobbin. So, no matter which singer model we buy, we must load the bobbin correctly.

Otherwise, uneven or skipped stitches will appear. Sometimes, it can damage the fabric due to uneven feeding.

Luckily, bobbin loading is a simple task and barely takes a few minutes. If you don’t know how to do it on your starter sewing machine, keep reading our article.

Wind a bobbin

Bring suitable needles, thread, and bobbin for your upcoming projects. Keep enough spool of thread on the pin. Take a thread end through the first guide. Wind the yarn anti-clockwise around the machine’s tension discs such that it sets between the discs.

Lead the thread through an open hole in the bobbin. Set it on the bobbin spindle and push it down. Slide the spindle to the other side. It’s time to run the sewing machine. Push down the foot controller while grabbing the thread end. The thread will start going around your bobbin automatically. Let it rotate a few times.

Don’t forget to trim the loose end before jumping to the final winding.  Feel free to release the thread end. Press the machine’s pedal to begin winding.  As soon as it finishes, press the stop button.  Bring the bobbin pin back to its previous place and cut the thread. Remove the wound bobbin.

Raise the needle

The next thing you have to do is unplug the machine. Then, lift the needle until it reaches the highest position. It can be done by rotating a hand wheel towards you. It only requires almost a half turn. If you have a computerized model, you just need to press the needle-up switch instead.

Open your bobbin case

A bobbin case carries the bobbin. It has a hook to join the produced needle loop so that the stitches generate by combining both bobbin and needle thread. You can find the case right under the needle of your model. Find a tab or switch to remove the lid. When you open it, the box should be empty. If you see an empty bobbin there, bring it out.

Place the bobbin

The majority of the mechanical Singer models come with front-load bobbins. Put your bobbin inside the case by following the arrows. The arrows indicate the correct path to bring your thread. Guide the thread accordingly.

It should be coming out clockwise. Guide it through the slots keeping enough thread to combine with the top line. You don’t need more than 7 inches. Keeping less than the required amount results in stitch failures. If you own a top-load bobbin, place it into the case and lead your thread through the down slit. Take a U-turn and pull under the next slit. Follow the machine’s directions if needed.

Insert the bobbin case

Close the bobbin cover to secure the bobbin. Be sure that the thread is coming out through the slot. Press it gently so that it snaps into the right place. Now, you can position the bobbin case back into its room. You should feel a click that ensures that the box is sitting perfectly into the slot. Release the latch and check whether the container is placed correctly or not.

Connect both threads

Rotate the handwheel in your direction. The needle will go up and down. It should not touch the bobbin case. If it does, you have to reinsert the case. Some users may experience the box falling after turning the wheel. Re-inserting is also required in such a situation. Connect the top thread and bobbin thread by using the wheel. They should come up as loops. If they don’t, you have to repeat the procedure.

And voila! You have loaded the bobbin successfully.

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