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How to Create Monograms With Regular Sewing Machine


The combination of initials in clothes or modern decors can bring a hint of sophistication. It represents someone’s taste or personality distinctively. We are talking about monograms; it’s a design that combines two or more letters.

It could be named initials or organization name or anything you want. A personal logo or something else that has been a sign of distinction and class for years.

Monograms can be done in any fabrics like T-shirts, Handkerchiefs, Jackets, Uniforms, Hoodies, backpacks, wedding gifts, and so on. There is no specific limitation of clothes or accessories; where you can’t have monograms.

You’ll find many who use monograms to make their personal stuff distinctive from others. Like, in a family wedding program or in a themed party where everything is mass-produced. A unique monogram can set your thing apart from the rest.

As a new addition to sewing, you may love to have those in your own things but don’t know how to do this! Nothing to worry about at all since we are here to help you out of it. We believe by the end of this article, you will be an expert if you try in such away.

Before we start, lets us allow us to provide some necessary information about monogram designs and rules. We believe you must know this basic information. Then we’ll begin with the process of how to create monograms with the regular sewing machine

Monogram Design types

  • Block Monogram: It includes two or more initials of names stacked properly. For three sections of a name, the first, middle, and last initials are placed in three different ways.
  • Straight placed Monogram: Whatever is the number of your initials, these types of monograms are written in a straight line. But for three initials the middle one will be slightly larger.
  • Framed Monogram: All the initials will be stacked inside a frame. The frame can be of any shape like oval, rectangular, circular, or anything else.
  • Shaped Monogram: Here initials are written in shape without using any frame. The form can be circular, oval, or others.
  • Interlock Monogram: The initials design will be interlocked. This means, there overlapping happens.

Monogram Designs Rules

Though it is not necessary at all to follow any specific hard rules. You can choose the letter whether in capital letter or small letter. Also, you can draw one too many letters according to a person’s name. But the variation happens with the occasion and person’s status.

Furthermore, you’ll only face such a situation when you are skilled. Like, the monogram for bride & groom, an engaged couple, single man/women, married man/women, family monogram, and so on.

For example, married women’s monograms start with first name initial, then maiden name and later after last name initial. Or else, if you have a four-word title then use four initials in any design mentioned above.

We hope your concept about monograms is quite clear. Now it’s time to know, how to create monograms with the regular sewing machine. Let’s face it.

How to Create Monograms

Creating a monogram with a regular sewing machine might be time-consuming. You only need a good-quality sewing foot on your regular sewing machine. So, it will work as an embroidery machine.

You’ll need a few things for creating monograms. For example; fabrics, spray starch, monogram design, foundation paper, printer or pen, stabilizers, embroidery hoop, embroidery needle and thread, spray bottle, bobbin, and scissors. Let’s get started.

Prepare the fabric:

At first, select your fabric and wash it to avoid shrinking after monogramming. Because the fabric may wrinkle if it shrinks after monogramming. Use starch after cleaning on the wrong side. You don’t need to wash if it is “dry-clean only” fabric.

Draw the design:

Make a simple sketch of the monogram design on foundation paper. You can either print the design or can draw using a hand with a pencil or tailor’s chalk.

Transfer the design:

Now, it’s time to transfer the design. First, decide the fabric area where you need to transfer the design. Then take a stabilizer and make it like a sandwich. Spray it with spray-base adhesive and lay the fabric over the stabilizer then press with fingers.

Set these parts between embroidery hoops while placing the foundation paper on the top. Remember, the fabric has to be on the bottom and then tighten the hoop screw.

Prepare the machine:

It is time for the preparation. At first, remove the pressure foot and put the pressure foot lever on the upper side. Then place the hoop right under the needle portion. Insert the embroidery needle, thread the machine, and then bobbin with white thread. Set the upper thread tension as light as possible.

Start sewing:

Time to start stitching. Initially, align the needle in the beginning position and sew two small stitches and backstitch them for locking the stitches. Hold the hoop firmly to the needle with both hands.

Then move the hoop with your left hand and set the stitch-width with your right side. Right after following the pattern and sew slowly. Make sure to do back stitches after every initial.

When you are done with one initial, then put the pressure foot up and move to the next initial. Repeat the same process for the rest.

Remove the fabric and hoop:

Now you are done with the design to take the hoop out from the machine. Later, remove the fabric and cut the excess foundation stabilizer from the bottom.

To remove the stabilizer, spray the paper with water and cut the excess thread with scissors.

The bottom line

That’s the complete procedure for creating a monogram with a regular sewing machine. You don’t need any expert machine anymore for monogramming. One more thing, be patient and do not use a foot pedal while creating a monogram. Practice making a man perfect.

So do practice in extra fabric, and we have faith in your ability. Indeed, you can make a uniform monogram. 

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